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Getting Started

Not sure what you’d like to do after school or what options are available to you? Working with the Career Center can help you identify where you are in the career development process and implement strategies focused on success.

The following areas will help you with your career development:

We are ready to help you answer these and other questions you may have during one-on-one career advising, workshops, networking events and on- and off-campus career fairs.

Know Yourself

You have a number of interests, skills and values which are compatible with a variety of careers. The more you understand yourself, the more effectively you will be able to identify and evaluate career options.

Identify interests, skills, values and personality preferences. Integrate these into academic and career planning, goal setting and decision-making.

Interest Assessment
Reflect on what tasks interested you the most during past jobs, internships, or campus activities through our interest assessment worksheet.

Skills Assessment
Reflect on and assess skills that you've developed through courses and projects, involvement in campus organizations, internships, research, jobs, community involvement, hobbies, etc. through our skills assessment worksheet.

Values Assessment
Determine what is most important to you in work and life and what motivates you by completing our values assessment worksheet.

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Discover Your Potential

Research academic options, career fields and job functions and synthesize career information. Prioritize career options and develop plans to achieve them.

The resources below can help inspire you to translate academic majors to specific industries, job titles or functions, and employers to maximize your success!

Work with a career advisor to:

  • Explore how your major(s) can translate into different industries and fields, job titles, and employers.
  • Identify how to get ahead with key courses, certifications, searches in specific industries, and graduate studies.
  • Find statistics and professional associations related to target industries/professions linked to major(s).

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Build Career Competencies

Seek and complete experiences in and out of the classroom (academic, co-curricular, internship, research) that develop and enhance targeted skills and abilities to prepare for career success.

Developing core career competencies through active engagement, experience, or involvement in:

  • Jobs
  • Internships
  • Experiential learning beyond classroom

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Create a Personal Brand

Translate experiences and abilities in ways that will distinguish you in a search process (which includes communication in-person or in writing).

When speaking to a potential employer, you want to be able to convey your identity and goals by communicating strengths, skills, and interests.

To learn more about branding techniques see:

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Establish a Network

Build, utilize and maintain a network to advance your goals and navigate career decisions. Click to learn more about networking.

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