Non-linear and Quantum Photonics


Researchers: Agrawal, Bigelow, Boyd, Howell

We work on the fundamental physics of novel nonlinear optical, quantum electronics, quantum optical, and optomechanical phenomena in micro-/nanoscopic photonic structures, and on finding their potential applications towards chip-scale photonic signal processing and sensing, in both classical and quantum regimes.

Our work includes quantum silicon photonics (producing photonic quantum entanglement on silicon chips) and cavity nano-optomechanics. Studies of nonlinear optical processes for the generation of quantum states of light, studies of the quantum properties of optical fields that carry orbital angular momentum(OAM), and the development of quantum key distribution systems based on the use of OAM are also part of our current work.

We have projects on low light level cross-phase and cross-polarization modulation in hot and cold coherent gases and light-matter interaction in nanostructured materials at the single photon level. Our research includes quantum and nonlinear optical imaging, including the use of quantum states of light to perform image formation with increased spatial resolution and sensitivity.