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CMAP Team Members


CMAP consists of world-leading physicists, astrophysicists, and planetary scientists with expertise that spans theoretical and numerical modeling, and experiments.

Faculty and Senior Researchers

Niaz AbdolrahimUniversity of RochesterMechanical
Hussein AluieUniversity of RochesterMechanical
Eric BlackmanUniversity of RochesterPhysics and
Tom BoehlyUniversity of
Adam BurrowsPrincetonPhysics and
Peter CelliersLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Gilbert CollinsUniversity of RochesterMechanical Engineering, LLE, Physics and
Jon EggertLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryPhysics and
Adam FrankUniversity of RochesterPhysics and
Dayne FratanduonoLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dustin FroulaUniversity of
Pierre GourdainUniversity of RochesterPhysics and
Suxing HuUniversity of
Raymond JeanlozUC BerkeleyEarth
Rick KrausLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryPhysics and
Michelle MarshallUniversity of
Burkhard MilitzerUC BerkeleyEarth
Miki NakajimaUniversity of RochesterEarth and Environmental
Philip NilsonUniversity of
Yuan PingLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Danae PolsinUniversity of
Chuang RenUniversity of RochesterMechanical Engineering, Physics and
Ryan RyggUniversity of RochesterMechanical Engineering, Physics and
Sara SeagerMITPhysics and
Jessica ShangUniversity of RochesterMechanical
Sarah StewartUC DavisEarth and Planetary
Mohamed ZaghooUniversity of
Eva ZurekUniversity at

Administrative Staff

Natalie Antal

Center for Matter at Atomic Pressures (CMAP)
Institute for MAtter at eXtreme Energy Density (IMAXED)
University of Rochester
309 Bausch & Lomb Hall
Desk: (585) 276-4967