University of Rochester

Undergraduate Program in ATHS

Overview of Program Features

  • For undergraduate students interested in:
  • the humanities (archaeology, architecture, art history, classics, history) with a desire for critical insight into the material culture and technology of pre-industrial societies;
  • mathematics or natural sciences with a desire to study the impact of technology on ancient and pre-industrial cultures;
  • an interdisciplinary engineering field emphasizing technology, design, materials, structures, and architecture in the context of historical monuments;
  • acquiring skills and knowledge of interpretation, conservation, and restoration of historical artifacts, monuments, and infrastructures.

This major leads to a BA degree. It is not a professional program in engineering or in architecture and does not prepare graduates for licensure in either of those professional areas.

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Interested in a Graduate Program in Architecture?

While a major in ATHS does not prepare graduates for licensure in architecture, majoring in ATHS while also pursuing a major or minor in Studio Art is strongly recommended for students interested in continuing with graduate studies in architecture. The Studio Arts major or minor will provide significant hands-on studio experience. Common requirements of applicants to graduate programs in architecture include material covered by both Archaeology, Technology and Historical Structures and Studio Arts programs.