University of Rochester

Program Structure & Requirements


The program offers a major leading to a BA degree, as well as a minor. The courses are subdivided into a common FOUNDATION, specialized CORES, and ELECTIVES. Foundation courses provide basic competences in engineering structural analysis, archaeology, and architectural history. Core courses provide specialization in the following areas:

  • Core 1—Engineering
  • Core 2—Archaeology and Architecture
  • Core 3—History
  • Core 4—Science, Technology and Society

Elective courses allow students to tailor the program to their specific interests in engineering; art and art history; science, technology and society; and the classics.

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Major in Archaeology, Technology & Historical Structures


Upon acceptance into the program, students are assigned a faculty advisor to help them plan and complete their programs. The choice of advisor is based on student interest and will be made in consultation with the program Director.

Students satisfy the upper level writing requirement either by completing two ‘W’ courses from the list of upper-level writing courses (Track A), (see course list page) or by writing the senior thesis/project report (Track B). Students may choose either Track A or Track B, both of which require a minimum of 44 credit hours:

TRACK A requires a minimum of ELEVEN courses:

TRACK B is a research-oriented path comprised of NINE courses plus an 8 credit Senior Project.


The minor consists of six courses (24 credits): two foundation courses, two core courses, two electives.