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Student Affairs


OMSA Suggested Links

The following links are multi-cultural sites of interest. If you have a suggestion for a site that you would like to see listed here, please email us at:

Multi-Cultural Sites of Interest
Aboriginal Voices   Staffed by Native individuals and devoted to various aspects of media and broadcasting production.
About Time Magazine   Magazine devoted to the African-American experience. Covers people, politics and arts.   Specializing in information on African Safaris, vacations and packages from north Africa to the south.
The Black Collegian   A career and self development magazine targeted to African-American students and other students of color.
Conxion   Local Rochester magazine designed to appeal to anyone interested in Latin music, culture, cuisine, travel or news.
Diverse Education   Premier news source for information concerning minority issues in higher education.
Latinas Unidas   Organization dedicated to uniting Latina women from different segments of the Greater Rochester Community.
Latino Link   Links to products and services for the Hispanic market.
Native Peoples   Magazine focused on the arts, culture and life ways of the Native peoples of the Americas.