Program in Statistics

Majors, Minors, Clusters

The Program in Statistics is responsible for teaching statistics courses required for majors and minors in statistics, and for all other bachelor degree programs. Some of the advanced courses are taught together for both graduate and undergraduate students.

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Major in Statistics

The Program in Statistics offers a BA with statistics as the major. Six to eight courses in statistics (including STT 201, 203, 212, and 226W) and two to four courses in an allied field such as economics, mathematics, biology, psychology, or political science are required. MTH 161—162 or their equivalent (141—143) and 164 or advisor's permission are the prerequisites.

Double Majors—Double majors with statistics and biology, economics, engineering, mathematics, political science, psychology or other areas are possible. Only three courses may overlap for the two majors.

Joint Major—The BA degree with a joint concentration in mathematics and statistics is also offered.


Minor in Statistics

The Minor in statistics requires five courses in statistics:


Clusters in Statistics

A cluster in statistics requires three courses in statistics. These may be chosen from the following:



Some of the courses taught in the program are required for the following certificate:

Actuarial Studies Certificate

STT 212 or 213, 201, 203, 216 or 221W. 
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