Current Take Five Scholars

Name(T5) Graduation YearProgram Title
Hiba Ahmed2023Analyzing Ancient Arabic Literature
Samantha Balogh2022The Interaction of Language and Culture
Asia Barry2023Feminist Reconstruction
Jack Bell2023The Moral Responsibility of the Law: Does Freedom Justify Discrimination?
Eileen Bequette2022Socially Distant: Understanding the Importance of Our Interactions
Jeremy Braiman2022Judaism: History and Culture
Nathaniel Brunacini2023Natural Language Comprehension and Processing
Theodore Chapman2023Social Justice in Modern America
Gal Cherki2022Medieval Europe: Religion and Culture after the 12th century renaissance
Veronica Cisneros2023The Latina Legacy through Time
Elise Cole2023Beauty and the Brain: How Does Beauty Enable Positive Change?
Paul Sebastian Cordero Velastegui2023Visualizing France: French Culture in Film and the Arts
Lizbeth De la Rosa2022Human Behavior and Environment
Raimundo Diaz2022Transmission of Culture Through Language
Edward Domanico2023The Athlete's Body and Mind.
Emma Dowd2022How Psychology influences the study of religious extremists
Sierra "Sisi" Falcone2022Women's Autonomy in Contemporary America
Stefanie Faucher2022Historical and Linguistic Analysis of the English Language
Alana Ferris2022The Impact of Chronic Stressors, like Discrimination, on Public Health
Serena Flint2022Using German as a Lens to Analyze Language and Culture
Madeleine Fordham2022Exploring Islam: Language, Culture, Conflict in the Middle East and Beyond
Zoe Fortin2023Promises of Modernity: Motherhood and Self-Presentation in the US
Ross Gang2023Energy and Climate Change
Brianna Garcon2023Exploring my Intersectional Identities through the Language and History of Black Haitian Women
Anna Gardner2023The Evolving Movement for Freedom, Justice, and Abolition in Rochester, NY
Elise Gendrich2024An Exploration of Judaism from Creation to Modernity
Xuewen Geng2023Dramatic Figures in Literature and Films, focusing on Horror and Fantasy genres
Syed Arsalan "Ars" Ghani2022I am the Truth: The Dichotomy of Mysticism and Violence in Religion
Catherine Giugno2023How 30,000 Years of Evolution Has Shaped the Human Mind
Anna Givens2023The Role of Government Procurement in American Foreign Policy
Emma Glassie2022Marginalization and the Justice System
Alec Glazier2023Thinking and Speaking: Understanding "Being Human" from a Psychological and Linguistic Perspective
Sarah Grabowski2022An Exploration of the Visual Modalities of Language
Julia Granato2023Fiction and Fantasy in Literature and Film
Toni Anne Hahn2022Renaissance Art and its Presence in Museums
Michael Harnish2023An Exploration In Film History and Production
Ariel Hirschhorn2023Online Queer Worlds: Mark-making in the digital era
Martin Horwath2022How to Create Lasting Gender Equality in an Ever-Fluid World
Mingjing Huang2023Response to the Impact of Climate Change on Chinese Women
Lillian Hutton2022Crossing the Bridge: Connecting the Campus Community to the 19th Ward
Claire Janezic2022Art of Incarcerated People
Qingyuan (Anna) Jia2022From Movements to the Mind: An Investigation on the Development of Self
Saurabh Joshi2023Understanding the Impact of French Colonialism on the Cultural and Racial Landscape of Modern France
Kathryn Karabetsos2023Politics of Discrimination and Inequality
Kinneret Katz2023Philosophy of Fiction
Darman Khan2022Faith v. Feminism: The Impact of Religion on Gender Inequality
Miles Kim2022A Philosophical Examination of American Politics
Hannah Kim2023Finding Somewhere to Belong - a pursuit of understanding cultural identity within the context of German history, language, and culture
Sophia King2023Digital Imaging in Museums
Celia Konowe2022Jewish Diaspora in the Wake of the Spanish Inquisition and Ladino Culture
Ezra Kruger2023Indigenous Latin America
Thu Le2023Psychology of Aesthetics
Sean Lee2023Linguistic Anthropology of East Asian Ideographic Languages
Joshua Liao2022An Economic and Political Connection: Understanding the Modern World
Emily Loose2022Gender and Power: How Cultural and Historical Factors Shape our Perceptions of Modern Men and Women
Eric Ma2023Breaking the Binary: How Trans Non-Binary Identities Change Gender
SabrinaMai2022Communication in the Modern World: Understanding How Language is a Carrier of Culture, Thought and Identity
John Mantus2022Climate Change Bootcamp
Zina Miqdadi2022Developments in Premodern European Christianity
Jasmine Moon2022Musical Extension of the Development of Our Language
Thien Hung Nguyen2022Japanese Modern Language and Culture
An Nguyen2023Audio Journalism and the Art of Storytelling
Trent Noordsij2022Music Composition and Production
James O'Neill2023Music: From Motion to Emotion
OluwademiladeOladele2023Africana Studies: Exploration in Black Diaspora Studies
Cooper Orio2024Understanding the Mental and Linguistic Processes of Language through Study and Application
Nefle Nesli Oruc2023A Historical Study of European Art and Literature
Thanh Pham2022Language Variations in French
Ichchha Pradhan2022Statistical Perspective on Violence Against Women in South Asia
Thomas Price2023The Intersection of Psychology and Public Health
Chenyuan Qu2024Understanding gender and sexuality in China from a socio-cultural perspective
Fariha Raisa2023Exploring Language and Culture: Perspectives from Maghrebian Literature
Rafael Ramirez2022The Impacts of Race on American Politics and Healthcare
Carolyn Richards2023Understanding Human Dynamics to Ignite Social Change
Omaira Rivera2022Exploring the Relationship of Humans and the Environment
Elena Robson2022Technical Approaches to the Arts
Federico Sanchez2023The Construction of the Self: From Ontology to Society Through the Indigenous Lens
Emma Saubermann2023Mythology: How Legends Shape the Understanding of the World
Ethan Sawyer2023An Empirical, Theoretical, and Historical Analysis on the Role of Conflict and Institutions in International Development
Ariel Schwartz2022Social Movements, Social Media, and the Politics of Race in Rochester
James Sheinbaum2023What Makes a Faith "Abrahamic"?
Edward Smakov2023Artists as Agents of Change in Russian Society
JulianaSmith2023Indigenous Development During Globalization
Katherine Stankevich2022Mind, Body, Spirit: The Art of Science and Somatic Practices
Lily Steiger2023Bridging Divides Through Language and Culture
Emma Strawderman2022Artivism for Issues in Intersectional Feminism
ALPER USTUNTAS2023The Philosophical and Historical Origins of the Conflict in the Middle East
Zivile Vebraite2022Setting Standards for Women
Tianyue Wang2023Literature and Film: Two Ways to Bring a Story to Life
Sarah Woodams2024Gender, Sexuality, and Society
Panzhen Wu2023Exploration of Film as a “Total Work of Art”
Siyu "Melanie" Xue2023Environmental Health
Lyrica Yanaway2023The History of Protest Music
Brian Yegela2022What does it truly mean to be Pan-African in the 21st Century
Kyra Yehle2023Roles and Portrayals of Women in Early Modern England
Karla Zendejas2023Gender, Sexuality, and Activism
Hao (Holly) Zhang2022Dreams and Disillusionments: Seeking the Identities and Values of Chinese International Students in American Universities
YishengZhong2023Validation, Impact, and Improvement of Environmental Policies
Wanqing "Iris" Zhou2023An Inquiry into Good and Evil