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Take Five Scholars

Jaclyn Capita

Jaclyn Capita

"Neo-French Philosophy, French Nationalism, and the European Union"

anne cheng

Anne Cheng

"Engagement of Consumerism with Contemporary Art"

nick frankiewicz

Nick Frankiewicz

"Regional Effects of Colonialism on African Culture and Political Systems"

jasmine han

Jasmine Han

"Don’t Judge Me Because I’m Different: Roots and Effects of Racism towards African Americans"

naomi hollo

Naomi Hollo

"The Impact of Women of all Social Classes on Furthering the Instability of the War of the Roses and their role in the Stability of the Tudor Monarchies"

Timothy Kwan

Timothy Kwan

"Saving Green by Being Green: Connecting Environmental Economics to Sustainability"

Dustyn Levenson

Dustyn Levenson

"The Embodiment of Race: Defining the Black Body in America and West Africa"

ariel lighty

Ariel Lighty

"Logic, Language, Meaning, and the Mind"

Yumeng Liu

Yumeng Liu

"Performing Arts"

gianna macri

Gianna Macri

"Intercultural Contact and its Effects on Indigenous Language and Culture in Peru"

monica masterson

Monica Masterson

"World War I Through Art and Literature"

caroline samuels

Caroline Samuels

"German: Understanding a Society through Language and Culture"

samantha turley

Samantha Turley

"City Structures and Urban Planning in Modern South America"

hongjue wang

Hongjue Wang

"French Society Post WWII"

rachel yang

Rachel Yang

"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: A Reflection of Social Injustices Through Artistic Expression"

jinyeong yim

Jinyeong Yim

"Exploring the Modernity of East Asia"

sue zhang

Sue Zhang

"Activism Through Art by Understanding Perspectives Surrounding DACA and Undocumented Immigrants"