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Leadership Development

Leadership Programs

Below is an inventory of co-curricular leadership programming opportunities in various university departments.

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Tutor and teaching
Workshops and training
Other leadership opportunities


CAS 358: The Leadership Experience - A 2-credit course providing the opportunity to learn about leadership history, theory, and practice.

Rising Leader Class - A 2-credit course designed to help first years develop leadership potential for purposeful change.

Tutoring and Teaching

The Study Groups Program – Lead a study group for a course you have already taken through the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

The Workshops Program – Run a workshop group for a course you have already taken through the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Speaking Fellows – Students can become a speaking fellow, or speaking tutor, with the Writing, Speaking, and Argument program.

Writing Fellows - Students can become a writing fellow, or writing tutor, with the Writing, Speaking, and Argument program.

Workshops and Training

Hazing Prevention Week Roundtable – A Fraternity and Sorority Affairs workshop where chapters learn a framework for evaluating their activities using the Communal Principles of the College and discuss ways to ensure new member programs are safe and respectful to all students joining this community.

New Member Educator's Institute - A Fraternity and Sorority Affairs workshop where chapters develop resources for planning their new member education programs with training in curriculum design, mentoring, counseling, and student support.

New Member Orientation – A Fraternity and Sorority Affairs workshop where chapters come together to learn more about the community and discuss their role in addressing issues such as diversity and inclusion, sexual violence prevention, and values-alignment.

Early Connection Opportunity (ECO) – An Office of Minority Affairs summer program that prepares students to transition into the University.

Emerging Leaders Program – Office of Minority Affairs sponsored leadership training program.

Intercultural Communication Workshop – A Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center workshop on intercommunications between cultures.

Intercultural Competence Workshop  - A Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center workshop that helps participants decipher other cultures and become more culturally aware.

The Medallion Program - A Rochester Center for Community Leadership workshop and reflection based program aiming to educate student leaders. 

One Community Program – A Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center program where upperclassmen share how their unique cultural, racial, ethnic, sexual etc. identity has positivity and negatively impacted their college experience to allow first years to think deeper about their own identity.

Fall Leadership Training – A Wilson Commons Student Activities run new leader training.

UR Diversity Conference – Students can run or attend a diversity presentation, breakout session or workshop.


EcoReps – Students who educate fellow students in their dorms about conservation and waste reduction.

Peer Health Advocates – A University Health Services program where students empower others to make healthy lifestyle choices.


D'Lions – A Residential Life run student group that helps first years adjust to campus life.

First year Fellows – A Residential Life program where upperclassmen live in first year dorms and act as mentors to first year students.

International Student Mentor Program - A program offered by the College Center for Advising Services that fosters meaningful interactions between current UR students and incoming international first-year students.


Leadership Appreciation Dinner – A Wilson Common Student Activities award that recognizes current leaders.

Other Leadership Opportunities

Peer Career Advisor – A Career Center program where students help their peers find internships, review resumes and cover letters, look for jobs, and offer career advice. 

Hall Council – A student run council to help enhance community and residential living experience.

Resident Advisors (RAs) – Employed by the Office of Residential Life, RAs help create a positive residential environment/community.

Meridian Society - Hired by the admissions office, Meridian Society students lead campus tours, answer the phone in admissions, and work the front desk in Wallis Hall. Applications are available at the front desk of Wallis Hall.