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Classroom Support

Request a Room for a Remote Class or Private Appointment

This form is intended for students who need a space to participate in an online class and do not have sufficient time due to course schedules to return to a personal space (e.g. room in Residence Hall, apartments, office) or for one-time private appointments such as CARE meeting, Conduct or academic honesty meeting, job interview, telehealth or teletherapy, Title IX meeting, or advisor meeting. It is not meant for room reservations for staff, faculty, or student organizations. If you are a student requesting a room for teletherapy with UCC, please inquire with UCC first for a room.

  • Students are required to adhere to all COVID-19 safety protocols while using a room.
    • All Faculty/Staff and Students are required to take a daily Chat Bot health screening survey before reporting to the University.
    • Indoors, face masks/face coverings must be worn any time there is more than one person in a given space.
    • It is REQUIRED that you disinfect your work area with the wipes provided in the room both before and after use.
    • Students are encouraged to utilize the hand sanitizer provided upon entry.
    • Food is not permitted in any classroom. Drinks are permitted but please respect others and limit time without your face mask on.
  • Students must provide their own technology (laptop, headphones, etc.) and cannot use the installed audio-visual equipment.
  • Due to limitations of available space, multiple students may be assigned to the same space with a focus on putting students in the same course in the same room.
  • If another group (class, student organization, department) needs to use the room a student is assigned to, the student will be assigned to a new room (with at least 24 hours advanced notice).
  • A reservation only lasts for the duration of the reservation. When the reservation ends, a student must leave the room.
  • Requests will only be processed during the week and not on weekends.
  • Failure to adhere to these policies may result in the cancellation of the room reservation.