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Plan an Event

Planner's Checklist

For assistance with the tasks outlined below or to start planning your next event, please contact Event and Classroom Management at (585) 275-4111.

Printable Planner's Checklist

Room Selection

  Contact ECM for room reservations and recommendations

 □ Total number of participants expected

 □ Number of breakout rooms needed

 □ General session set-up

 □ Special needs

Arranging Activities

 □ Offsite events

 □ Exhibits and other special events or activities

 □ Catered meals, coffee breaks, and banquets

 □ Special requirements

 □ Insurance and/or permit requirements

Booking Meeting Space

 □ Types of seating

 □ Tables

 □ Need for head tables, risers, or stage

 □ Audio visual equipment and ECM technicians

 □ Special power

 □ Parking arrangements

 □ Special setups

 □ Meeting room rental (for external clients or offsite locations)

 □ Diagram for each function setup

Selecting Function Rooms and Locations

 □ Attendee comfort

 □ Environment matches goals of event

 □ Accommodations for people with disabilities

 □ Restroom accessibility

 □ External noise

 □ Food and beverage service, convenience

 □ Availability of floor plans with dimensions

Deciding on Hotel Accommodations

 □ Affordable vs. luxury accommodations

 □ Number of guestrooms needed

 □ Double or single occupancy

 □ Room block contract