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Equipment Charges

Equipment is rented à la carte on a per-day basis. Expendable or consumable items are charged on a per-unit basis.

Service Charges

Service requests that are considered late incur an additional service charge calculated as 30% of the total charges for your event (minimum of $8).


ECM sends invoices via email approximately every two weeks, depending on our event volume. Invoices will always be sent to the client contact listed on the reservation. Invoices are due 30 days after they are sent.

Price Lists

Labor—Hourly Rate

Full-Time Staff

Student Staff

University of Rochester and College Departments                                                                                     $35$25
Student Group$20$15
Non-College                                                                                                                                          $45$35
Computer Support/Consulting/Web Streaming (Department Rate)$64
Room Prices
Computer classroom usage, per hour (plus prep time)$64
Late Charges30% of the total cost of event

Munnerlyn Atrium Rental


All day rental (6am-6pm)$300
1/2 day or less (0-6 hours)$200
Evening (6-11pm)$300
Housekeeping Regular Hourly Charge Rate$36.50 / hour / person
Housekeeping Overtime Hourly Charge Rate$54.75 / hour / person
Housekeeping Call-In (4 hour minimum)$219 minimum
Facilities Regular Hourly Charge Rate$99.50 / hour / 2 man crew
Facilities Overtime Hourly Charge Rate$149.25 / hour / 2 man crew
Facilities Call-In (4 hour minimum)$298.52 / 2 man crew


Prices (Unit Pricing)

A/V device (individual CD, DVD, VCR, etc.)$10/component
Boombox (large/small)$10
Closed-caption decoder$10
Document camera$50
DVD/CD media$3 each
Flip chart with paper$15
Gaff tape$20/roll*
Laser pointer$10
Lectern (floor or tabletop)$10
Microphone, wired$10
Microphone, wireless$20
Projector, non-video (slide, overhead)$10
Screen, portable (tripod)$10
Screen, rear projection$50
Video camera (digital, no media)$40
Data/video projector$100
Video conference setup (camera, laptop)$40
External rental items, expendable supplies, softwareCost + Applicable Labor

*Only applies to larger setups using 1+ rolls.