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Timetable for Medical School Application Process

*Dates are listed for 2018 matriculation. 

January - February

Attend health professions questionnaire information session and begin the process to request a Health Committee Letter.

Open an account at to store your letters of recommendation. Open a Dossier account and affiliate your account with UR Health Professions Advising by typing in the code emailed to you into the Have a Special Offer Code? box. Next, create a CONFIDENTIAL recommendation request, identifying the Director of Health Professions Advising (Caterina M. Caiazza) as the recommendation writer. Save the document request as a pdf and upload to your HPQ. Interfolio is an on-line credentials services that allows you to request, store, and then send letters that remain confidential. There are good help pages at the Interfolio site that explain how the service works.

Begin to request letters of recommendation (3 to 4 in addition to the Health Committee letter).

Turn in your completed health professions questionnaire to begin the Health Committee letter request process by Monday, January, 30 2017 by NOON (12:00 PM) EST. If the HPQ is submitted by the January 30 deadline, and you complete your schedule HPAC Interview you may expect your HC letter to be ready no later than August 15, 2017. All individuals applying to vet school must submit their HPQ at this time to be in accordance with VMCAS deadlines. Applicants applying to dental school are strongly encouraged to submit their HPQ by this deadline to allow for AADSAS processing time.

Check out MCAT registration materials online at

Check out DAT registration materials online at

Start researching schools using Medical School Admissions Requirements MSAR on the AAMC web page and school specific websites. 

Registration for the June and July MCAT tests opens in January 2017.

March - April

April 1 is the last date to apply for a health committee letter. Questionnaires received between January 30 and April 1 with an HP interview by June 1 will be processed by the end of November. This is a significantly later application and also requires a late fee before the interview can be scheduled.

Download the AMCAS application material from the AAMC website ( - available towards the end of April/early May.

Request the most recent bulletins of the schools you are considering, as well as application materials from any that are not AMCAS (allopathic medical school application service), AACOMAS (osteopathic medical school application service) or AADSAS (dental school application service) participants.

Work on your AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS essay and ask for comments and suggestions from anyone you believe will be helpful, particularly the college writing fellows.

Registration for the August and September MCAT tests open in April 2017.


When your spring semester grades are in, request a copy of your transcript from the Registrar. (If you've taken courses at any other college in the U.S. or Canada, request that transcript as well. Medical schools require an official transcript from every U.S. or Canadian college a candidate has attended, even if only for one summer course.) You will need it for reference when completing applications, and you'll want to check it for accuracy before having it sent out. If you find any errors, discrepancies or oddities, contact the Registrar or Academic Support. It is essential that your transcript be error-free before you have it sent.

Requesting Transcripts:

Remember to ONLY request transcripts after your final grades for the semester have been submitted. In addition to hard copies, the University of Rochester now offers eTranscripts! For more information on eTranscripts and how to request copies of your transcript, please click here. Remember to check with your application service (AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS) for specific policies regarding the submission of transcripts. Each service has their own set of guidelines! AACOMAS has a similar form and process. Work on the AMCAS application and plan to have it completed and sent before the end of June (It may be submitted in the beginning of June). Do the same with applications to non-AMCAS schools.

If you need assistance in interpreting your MCAT test scores or are wondering whether you should repeat the test, one of the health professions advisers in CCAS. Don't send the AMCAS application or other initial applications till you have your MCAT scores; the scores may alter your choice of schools, and if you plan to take the test again you'll want to indicate that on the application.

Be sure to provide CCAS with a Letter of Recommendation Request from the centralized application service you are using (AMCAS, AADSAS etc.) or from Interfolio. This may be done electronically in your HPQ online form. If you are applying to any programs or schools that do not participate in a centralized application service with a letters of recommendation service, you will need to use Interfolio. Your health committee letter cannot be delivered for you without a Recommendation Request.

June - July

Submit your AMCAS application


If you were prompt in sending your AMCAS and other initial application materials, you'll be receiving secondary materials now. Complete and return them as soon as possible.

September  - Spring

If you took the MCAT in spring and were prompt in completing your application materials, you may begin to hear about interviews shortly after Labor Day. All interview invitations should receive a reply as soon as possible. On a less cheerful note, rejections may also come through at this time. Interviewing usually concludes in late April/early May.

Remember to send brief thank-you notes to interviewers.

Some schools send out their first acceptance letters in October. If you're accepted, you will not be expected to make a final decision; all any school wants to know at this stage is whether you wish to hold a place. No deposits are required at this point.

Read up on financial aid policies and procedures at the schools that invite you for interviews. Keep very careful track of deadlines for financial aid applications.

Information related to the AMCAS, AACOMAS, and AADSAS applications are subject to change. Consult the websites below periodically for the most up-to-date information.