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Assign Seats in Large Enrollment Class Exams

To help prevent students from arranging to copy from a friend during an in-class assessment, Arts, Sciences & Engineering provides you with the tools you need to assign students to specific seats (either for the entire class or only for in-class assessments). Needs vary depending on the size of the class. For example large enrollment class with multiple sections may schedule to have everyone take the exam simultaneously at multiple room locations during the Common Exam time. In that case there's specific seat charts and directions for that too. You just need to evaluate where your need for assigned seats may fall.

Disclaimer Notice: As certain students have legitimate reasons for needing to be seated away from certain other students (active avoidance orders due to sexual misconduct, etc.), you should notify students well in advance that you will be randomly assigning seats.  If applicable, also alert students when multiple course sections will be mixed together for a single exam.  Here is a template for a syllabus statement: “This course will be using randomly assigned seating for exams [and will be taking its exams alongisde x,y, and z sections of Subject Course Number].  If you have a legitimate reason not to be seated next to certain other students, please notify the course instructor as soon as possible.”  Within the tool, you can randomize the seats using the regular instructions and then simply spot check the assigned seat of an impacted student against the assigned seat(s) of those whom the student has designated.  If necessary, exchange the impacted student’s seat manually with another more distant seat.

1. Assigned seating for a single room in-class assessment

2. Common Exam time assessments conducted in multiple proctored rooms

3. Important Notes regarding assigned seating (please download and read)

Current list of rooms in the inventory with labeled seating:

Hutchison 141 (Hubbell)

Goergen Hall 101 (Sloan)


Lower Strong

Dewey 1-101

Meliora 203

Bausch & Lomb 109

Douglass Ballroom

Hutchison 140 (Lander)

Lattimore 201

Morey 321

Gavett 202

Dewey 2-162

Meliora 221

Bausch & Lomb 106

Wegmans 1400