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Computers - 2015 Faculty Loan Program

For further assistance:

Email: AS&E Faculty Loan
Request a Short-Term Loan Item: Short-Term Faculty Loan Form


The aim of the faculty short-term loan program is to enhance research presentations, instructional sessions, lectures and other academic-related activities.

Similarly, iPads are available for educational experimentation - intended to be used to further integrate technology into the research/teaching process.

Equipment for Short-Term Loan
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • Dell Laptop
  • iPad
Short-Term Loan Period
  • Typical short-term loan periods are 3 days.
  • iPads are available for curriculum experimentation purposes for up to 14 days.
Who Can Request Equipment
  • Faculty (tenured, adjunct, visiting)
  • Graduate student (in support of faculty)
  • Teaching assistant (in support of faculty)
  • Faculty support personnel; for example:
    • Laboratory technician
    • Department administrator
The Process
  1. The requester is encouraged to reserve equipment 48-hours in advance of the loan need by completing the Short-Term Faculty Loan Form.
  2. The requester (or someone authorized to accept the equipment on behalf of the requester) should go to the IT Center to sign-out and receive the reserved equipment.
  3. At the end of the loan period the requester (or someone authorized to return the equipment on behalf of the requester) should go to the IT Center to sign-in/return the equipment.
Loan Policy/Expectations

After receiving the loan item, the requesting faculty member and/or the individuals submitting the request will:

  • Assume full responsibility for the equipment including damage and repair costs
  • Not allow anyone else to utilize the equipment
  • Never leave the equipment unattended
  • Return the equipment to the provided transport container (i.e. carrying bag) during transport and when the item is not in use
  • Return the equipment in the same condition as when it was loaned including all accessories and peripherals
  • Return the equipment on the designated date before 5 p.m.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I reserve equipment?
  • What if I cannot return the equipment on time?
  • How do I receive/pick-up the loan item?
    • Go to the IT Center to receive and return equipment.
  • Where can I find help with the equipment?
  • When can I expect a response after I submit my request?
    • During business hours (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) your request will be acknowledged the same day.