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In-class polling

For further assistance:

Contact your Instructional Technology consultant
Email: A.S&E Instructional Technology Services

Some years ago hardware clickers were the obvious choice. But times have changed since then. For those who want to try anonymous pollilng for free there are really 2 options:

  1. Socrative (free tier is limited:50)
  2. Poll Everywhere (free tier is limited:40)

However if your class has an enrollment that exceeds the limit of the free tiers of either Socrative or Poll Everywhere, there is another option:

iClicker is the brand name of a classroom response system (from Macmillan New Ventures). Some professors use iClicker in the anonymous polling mode. Each individual responds without providing unique identifying information. In some cases, professors may wish to use iClicker to identify each individual and use the activity collected via iClicker as a "class participation" grade. Still others will assign extra credit based on the number of correct responses a student gives during the class session. There are a number of different ways iClicker Cloud can be used. iClicker can also be integrated with the AS&E Blackboard system at By enabling an LTI Gateway link, students are provided any easy path to register for a new iClicker account and be registered for your course listed on All done by providing a link in your course.

Steps required are,

  1. Turning on the LTI Tool in your course Blackboard course. Read the Tool Availability instructions, and look for them by filtering on the term "LTI". Check all the boxes for LTI. Once that's done,..
  2. Integrating the course specific ID with your Blackboard course instructions are here: (integrating iClicker Cloud w/Blackboard)

Some questions may come up when you choose to adopt iClicker for your course. Macmillan publishing maintains a Support site for instructors here: iClicker Cloud for Instructors

Links for Students using iClicker Cloud

HELP! I'm having trouble with my registration, who do I call?

If you're having trouble with your clicker unit, you should first consult the iClicker Support Portal. The link to the portal is here: Contact iClicker Support. If you have more general questions and want to read more there is a Student information portal as well: iClicker Cloud for Students

Having problems registering a used clicker?

If you have purchased a used clicker from the bookstore and are having trouble registering it, please call 1-866-209-5698 and choose "Technical Support" from the phone menu. Explain that you purchased a used clicker and are having trouble registering.

Why don't we use web-based system that would work with smartphones or laptops?

iClicker Cloud IS a web-based system. While there is a convenience bonus for a web-based clicker system, the subscription price for iClicker's Web clicker system is on par with purchasing a regular clicker. Since instructors primarily use clickers to focus your attention on class, many would prefer not to invite the distractions of web-enabled devices. So it depends on the decision the instructor has made.