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Graduate Program

MSC Graduate Program

The art of making materials is ancient; the science of making materials is modern.


Material advances today are the basis for most technological changes. Materials Science encompasses a variety of research activities in which advanced materials are tailored for specific uses. The structure of materials and its relation to macroscopically observed properties forms a central research focal point.


The faculty in materials science act as an advisory body for students interested in research in this field, and for graduate students interested in Materials Science degrees, graduate courses, interdepartmental research efforts, or joint use of the many specialized materials laboratory facilities.

A regular series of interdepartmental seminars brings together UR students and faculty from across the spectrum of materials science. In addition, the UR Chapter of the Materials Research Society sponsors an annual Symposium and other events.


The Materials Science Program at the University of Rochester allows students to be flexible, in that they associate with that department closest to their interest in the field of materials science. Applications are handled by the individual departments, with the Department of Chemistry having administrative responsibility for the program. The Materials Science MS and PhD degrees are approved by Materials Science Faculty.


Contact the Director of the Materials Science Program or the Chairperson of the most relevant department for current information concerning graduate study in Materials Science.