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Graduate Program


N. Abdolrahim, Mechanical Engineering, (585-276-7817, Solid mechanics, continuum mechanics, plasticity, crystal plasticity, finite element methods (FEM), molecular dynamics simulations, Monte Carlo methods, nanoscale metallic composites, thin films, nanoporous materials, multiscale modeling of materials, computational solid mechanics, and mathematical modeling.

D. Bergstralh, Biology, (585-275-2631, Epithelial Morphogenesis; Spindle orientation; Cell Division. 

H. Askari, Mechanical Engineering, (585-276-6660, Mechanics of solids and soft matter; Granular systems; Stocahstic response; Manufacturing techniques.

M. Anthamatten, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-273-5526, Macromolecular self-assembly; associative & functional polymers; nanostructured materials; interfacial phenomena; optoelectronic materials; vapor deposition polymerization.

H.Awad, Biomedical Engineering, (585-273-5268,

A.Badolato, Physics & Astronomy, (585-275-4396;

D.Benoit, Biomedical Engineering, (585-723-2698;

N.P. Bigelow, Physics and Astronomy, (585-275-8549; Atomic, molecular and optical physics. Materials fabrication, advanced lithography, laser physics, nonlinear optics, optically detected magnetic resonance and optical materials.

M.F. Bocko, Electrical and Computer Engineering, (585-275-4879; Acoustic and electrical losses of metals and ceramics at low temperatures.

R.W. Boyd, Optics, (585-275-2329; Development of nonlinear optical materials, especially materials having a composite structure.

S.J. Burns, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Chair of Mechanical Engineering (585-275-4082; Fracture of solids, mechanical properties of metals, ceramics and polymers, ceramic superconductors, solid state phase changes.

S.H. Chen, Chemical Engineering, Co-Director of Materials Science, and Senior Scientist in the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (585-275-0909; Polymer science and engineering, glass-forming liquid crystals, mesomorphic conjugated polymers, optical, photonic and optoelectronic materials, computational chemistry, vapor deposition, polymerization.

E. Chimowitz, Chemical Engineering, (585-275-8497; Critical phenomena statistical mechanics of fluids and computer-aided design.

Rip Collins, Mechanical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy and LLE, (585-275-0255;

L. DeLouise, Dermatology, (585-275-1810;

S. Demos, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, (585​-​275​-​4837; sdemos​@​

H. Dery, Electrical and Computer Engineering, (585-275-3870;

S. Dewhurst, Microbiology and Immunology, (585-275-3216;

Ranga Dias, Mechanical Engineering and Physics and Astronomy, (585-276-4112;

W. Donaldson, Electrical and Computer Engineering/LLE, (585-275-5347;

M. Doyley, Electrical and Computer Engineering, (585-275-3774; 

I. Franco, Chemistry, (585-275-8209; Physical and theoretical chemistry.

P.D. Funkenbusch, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-4074; Material processing especially powder processing and deformation. Structure, property relationships in metals and ceramics.

Y. Gao, Physics, (585-275-8574;  Chemical, biological and condensed matter physics, surface physics.

C. Guo, Optics, (585-275-2134; High intensity laser-matter interactions, ultrafast phenomena

P. Huo, Chemistry, (585-276-7793 Physical and theoretical chemistry, ab-initio dynamics for understanding chemistry and photo physics of solar energy conversion.

T. B. Jones, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-5233; Microelectromechanical systems, micro Total Analysis systems, sensors and actuators.

J. Jorne, Chemical Engineering, (585-275-4584; Electrochemistry of materials, nanofabrication and microelectronics processing, photoluminescence in porous silicon.

D. H. Kelley, Mechanical Engineerings and Materials Science, (585-275-7769; Mixing and transport in fluids, liquid metal batteries, geophysical fluid dynamics, dynamical systems.

K. Knowles, Chemistry and Materials Science, (585-275-0649;  Materials chemistry, specifically the development of new nanoscale semiconductor materials and the study of their fundamental chemical, electronic, and photophysical properties.

W. Knox, Optics, Physics and Senior Scientist at LLE, (585-273-5520,  Ultrafast sciences and technology, telecommunications, ultrafast biomedical optics and optics education.

T. Kosc, Chemical Engineering/LLE, (585​-​273​-​3185, tkos​@​

T.D. Krauss, Chemistry and Materials Science, (585-275-5093; Nanometer scale materials, carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots, biological sensors, non-linear optical devices, single nanoparticle spectroscopy.

C.K. Kuo, Biomedical Engineering, (585-275-2312,  Tissue engineering; orthopaedics; stem cells; developmental biology; mechanobiology; biomaterials.

J.C. Lambropoulos, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-4071; Fracture of glasses and ceramics, crystal growth, thermomechanics of thin films, laser damage, deterministic microgrinding, optics manufacturing.

J.C.M. Li, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-4038; Micromechanisms of mechanical behavior in crystalline and amorphous materials including metallic glasses, porous materials, and polymers.

S. Lukishova, Optics, (585-276-5283;

E. Matson, Chemistry, (585) 276-7792;  Research focuses on using a synthetic inorganic chemistry perspective to address current global issues related to Energy Storage and Production.

D.W. McCamant, Chemistry, (585) 276-3122; Femtosecond spectroscopy of ultrafast photochemistry.

 J. McGrath, Biomedical Engineering, (585-273-5489;

A.S. Meyer, Biology, (585-275-9290;  Synthetic biology; 3D printing of bacteria; Engineering of bacteria to produce biomaterials; Survival strategies of bacteria; Organization of bacterial DNA

B.L.Miller, Dermatology, (585-275-9805;

A.M. Müller, Chemical Engineering, (585-276-7331; Heterogeneous Electrocatalysis; Pulsed-Laser-in-Liquids Preparation of Controlled Nanomaterials; Nanocatalyst Property–Functionality Relationships; Selective CO2 Reduction Catalysis; Integrated Solar Fuels Photoelectrodes; Nanomaterials for Anti-Cancer Applications

B. Nilsson, Chemistry, (585-276-3053;

J. L. Pipher, Physics & Astronomy, (585-275-4402; Development of infrared detector arrays for space astrophysics with the following attributes: low noise, low dark current, high quantum efficiency, low power dissipation, rad hard, and capable of excellent performance at passively cooled focal plane temperatures.

M.D. Porosoff, Chemical Engineering, (585-276-7401 ;  COReduction; Heterogeneous Catalysis; Catalyst Structure-Property Relationships; CChemistry; Upgrading Light Alkanes.

J. Rolland, Optics, Physics, (585-273-4040;

L.J. Rothberg, Chemistry and Director of Materials Science Program, (585-275-4725; Organic device science, optical properties of conjugated polymers, charge transport in molecular solids, fabrication and operation of organic LEDs, transistors,and photovoltaics.

A. Shestopalov, Chemical Engineering, (585-276-5434;

R. Sobolewski, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Senior Scientist in the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, (585-275-1551; Superconductivity, optoelectronics, solid-state thin-film technologies, ultrafast phenomena in condensed matter, microwaves.

W. Tenhaeff, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, (585-275-2110, Electrochemical energy storage, solid state lithium batteries, solid electrolytes, polymer thin films & interfaces, thin film synthesis & characterization, vacuum deposition techniques.

N. Vamivakas, Optics, (585-275-2089,   Quantum optics, quantum physics.

R. Waugh, Biomedical Engineering, (585-275-3768;

G.W. Wicks, Optics, (585-275-4867; Epitaxial growth of semiconductors, optical properties of semiconductors, optoelectronic devices.

A. White, Chemical Engineering, (585-276-7395;  Materials design, self-assembly, computer simulation, machine learning.

J-H.D. Wu, Chemical Engineering, (585-275-8499; Biochemical engineering, fermentation, biocatalysis, bone marrow tissue engineering, molecular biology.

S. Wu, Electrical and Computer Engineering, (585-275-3497;  Novel spintronic devices for nanoscale spin current generation, detection, and manipulation; complex oxide thin film materials synthesis for exploration of functional quantum electronic materials; 2D electronic systems for controllable topological electronic devices.

M. Z. Yates, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (585-273-2335; Colloids and interfaces, materials synthesis in microemulsions, nanoparticle/polymer composites, supercritical fluids, microencapsulation.