PSC/IR 268 International Organization

Political Science Field: International Relations
International Relations Track: Global Security (A), Political Economy and Development (B)
Typically offered every other year

Randall Stone
Spring 2014 ("W" Optional) — TR 9:40-10:55

Course Syllabus

The anarchic society of international relations includes elements of order, including norms, international law and international organizations (IOs). Governance does not necessarily imply government. Indeed, most issues of wide concern in international affairs are governed by international treaties and presided over by international organizations. Some of these, such as the IMF, World Bank, WTO, UN, and EU, command substantial resources and reach deep into the domestic politics in their member states. The course will survey the history of international organization, analyze the most important IOs, and investigate the influence of law under anarchy. How effective are these elements of cooperation, and what problems are most difficult to solve at the international level? What leads to change in international governance? Students taking the course for writing credit register for 268W and write a substantial research paper in addition to the other course requirements.