Complete Roster of PhD Alumni

Since the inception of its PhD program in the 1960s, the Rochester Political Science Department has been consistently producing some of the most distinguished and influential scholars in the discipline.

Controlling for size, a 2001 study in PS: Political Science & Politics concluded that Rochester ranked first in the country in the productivity of its PhD alumni, as measured by publications in leading journals. Rochester PhDs currently sit on the faculties of an array of universities and colleges, including Harvard, Stanford, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, UCLA, UCSD, Columbia, Ohio State, Michigan, Minnesota, NYU, Caltech, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Rice, Washington (St. Louis), Notre Dame, Northwestern, Texas, and Yale. Others are flourishing outside of the academy. (Deceased alumni are listed in italics, along with their last institutional affiliation.) Listed here is a complete roster of our alumni--sorted by year of PhD, with the most recent alumni listed first.

Name PhD Current Affiliation Sortname
Jeffrey ArnoldABDUniversity of Washingtonarnold
Maricella Foster-MolinaABDGeorgetown University, Teaching Assistant Professorfoster
Jonathan OlmstedABDThe NPD Group, Specialist in Advanced Modelingolmsted
Susanna SupallaABDBlueLabs, Lead Data Scientistsupalla
William Spaniel2015Stanford University, Post-Doctoral Fellowspaniel
Peter Haschke2014University of North Carolina at Ashevillehaschke
Brenton Kenkel2014Vanderbilt Universitykenkel
Hye-Sung Kim2014University of Georgia, Visiting Assistant Professorkim
Paulina Marek2014City of New York, Political Researchermarek
Miguel Rueda Robayo2014Emory Universityrobayo
Kerim Kavakli2013Sabanci University, Turkey, Visiting Instructorkavakli
Jonathan Klingler2013Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, France, Post-Doctoral Fellowklingler
Patrick Kuhn2013Durham Universitykuhn
Lukas Pfaff2013U.S. Government, Analyst pfaff
Shawn Ling Ramirez2013Emory Universityramirez
Nicole Asmussen2012Vanderbilt Universityasmussen
Tyson Chatagnier2012Vanderbilt University, Post-Doctoral Fellowchatagnier
Gary Hollibaugh2012University of Notre Damehollibaugh
Yukari Iwanami2012Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka, Japaniwanami
Jinhee Jo2012Kyung Hee University, Koreajo
Jeremy Kedziora2012US Governmentkedziora
Jessica Stoll2012Institute for Physical Sciences, Mclean, Va. stoll
Matthew Testerman2012U.S. Navy, Commander--Permanent Military Professortesterman
Christian Houle2011Michigan State Universityhoule
Navine Murshid2011Colgate Universitymurshid
Subhasish Ray2011National University of Singaporeray
Jun Xiang2011Rutgers University, Newarkxiang
Fabiana Machado2010Inter-American Development Bankmachado
Adam Ramey2010NYU Abu Dhabiramey
Martin Steinwand2010SUNY Stony Brooksteinwand
David Carter2009Princeton Univeristycarterd
Daniel Gillion2009University of Pennsylvaniagillion
Mathew Jacobsmeir2009West Virginia Universityjaconsmeir
Deniz Aksoy2008Princeton University, Associate Research Scholar and Lectureraksoy
Tanya Bagashka2008University of Houstonbagashka
Shin-Goo Kang2008Korea University, Institute for Peace Studieskangs
Arnd Plagge2008Universitaet Greifwaldplagge
Matthew Platt2008Harvard Universityplatt
Arthur Spirling2008Harvard Universityspirling
Taehee Whang2008Texas A&M Universitywhang
Muhammet Bas2007Harvard Universitybas
Jeong Hun Han2007Seoul National Universityhan
Elena McLean2007University of Buffalomclean
Cristina Bodea2006Michigan State Universitybodea
Songying Fang2006Rice Universityfang
Stephen E. Gent2006University of North Carolina, Chapel Hillgent
Insun Kang2006Duke University, Visiting Assistant Professorkangi
Tim Carter2005Wayne State Universitycartert
Seok-ju Cho2005Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Republic of Koreacho
Kalina Popova2005Harris Interactivepopova
Kristopher Ramsay2005Princeton Universityramsay
Robert Walker2005Willamette University, Atkinson School of Managementwalker
Antoine Yoshinaka2005American Universityyoshinaka
Laura Flamand2004El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico Cityflamand
Justin Fox2004Washington University in St. Louisfox
Laura Flamand Gomez2004El Colegio De Mexico, Mexico Citygomez
Jaehoon Kim2004Korea Development Institute, Associate Fellowkimj
Gail McElroy2004Trinity College, Dublinmcelroy
Christian Grose2003University of Southern California, Associate Professorgrose
Ahmer Tarar2003Texas A&M Universitytarar
Gang Guo2002University of Mississippiguo
Christopher Kam2002University of British Columbiakam
Branislav Slantchev2002University of California, San Diegoslantchev
Lynne Davidson2001Rochester, N.Y.davidson
Catherine Hafer2001New York Universityhafer
Indriõi H. Indriõason2001University of California, Riversideindrioason
Bahar Leventoglu2001Duke Universityleventoglu
Tamar London2001london
Carolyn Whitfield2001Rochester, N.Y.whitfield
Aaron Wicks2001Action for a Better Communitywicks
Amy Makinen2000U.S. Governmentmakinen
Lanny Martin2000Rice Universitymartin
Marc Shapiro2000ICF Consultingshapiro
Peter Stone2000Trinity College, Dublinstone
Nathan Dietz1999Urban Institutedietz
Harvey Palmer1999University at Buffalopalmer
Georg Vanberg1999University of North Carolina, Chapel Hillvanberg
Rory Austin1998Washington, D.C.austin
Jay Goodliffe1998Brigham Young Universitygoodliffe
David Hayes1998Fayetteville, N.C.hayes
Carol Silva1998University of Oklahoma, Center for Applied Social Researchsilva
Don-yun Chen1997National Chengchi University, Public Administration, Taiwanchen
Mitchell S. Sanders1997Gongos Researchsanders
Randolph Stevenson1997Rice Universitystevenson
Lynn Vavreck1997University of California, Los Angelesvavreck
O. Fiona Yap1997University of Kansasyap
Ethan R. Zorick1997Essex, Englandzorick
Todd Kunioka1996California State University, Los Angeleskunioka
Melinda Mueller1996Eastern Illinois Universitymueller
Annette Steinacker1996Loyola University, Chicagosteinacker
Daniel Diermeier1995University of Chicago, Dean and Emmett Dedmon Professordiermeier
Simon Jackman1995Stanford Universityjackman
William J. Kubik1995Hanover Collegekubik
Fiona McGillivray1995New York Universitymcgillivray
Stephen Porter1995North Carolina State University, College of Educationporter
Alastair Smith1995New York Universitysmitha
Ronald J. Vogel1995Southern University, Public Policy and Urban Affairsvogel
Byeonggil Ahn1994Seoul National University, International and Area Studiesahn
Shrikant Dash1994Bhanjpur, Indiadash
Matthew Gabel1994Washington University in St. Louisgabel
Wendy Schiller1994Brown Universityschiller
Guy Whitten1994Texas A&M Universitywhitten
Yen-pin Chiang1993Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institutechiang
Laura Dimino1993Temple University Harrisburg, Assistant Directordimino
Lucy Drotning1993Columbia University, Associate Provostdrotning
Timothy Feddersen1993Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Universityfeddersen
Richard Himelfarb1993Hofstra Universityhimelfarb
William Hixon1993Lawrence Universityhixon
Thomas O'Donnell1993odonnell
Yi Feng1992Claremont Graduate University, Lee Memorial Chair in Governmentfeng
Richard Forgette1992University of Mississipiforgette
Scott Ward1992Trevecca Nazarene University, Financeward
John Wilkerson1992University of Washingtonwilkerson
Gary Woller1992Woller & Associates, Sandy, Utahwoller
John Huber1991Columbia Universityhuber
Vally Koubi1991Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurichkoubi
Carol McPhee1991Cortland, N.Y.mcphee
Nancy Perkins1991Churchville, N.Y.perkins
Paul R. Gehman Jr.1990APEX Technology, Inc.gehman
Richard Kronick1990Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) U.S. Department of Health and Human Serviceskronick
Itai Sened1990Washington University in St. Louissened
Samuel Wu1990wu
Patrick Fett1989University of Memphisfett
Clifford Griffin1989North Carolina State Universitygriffin
Joon Pyo Jung1989Yeungnam University, Koreajung
Chae-han Kim1989Hallym University, Koreakim
Gerald Bushee1988Mount Olive Collegebushee
Sirithorn Chantrasmi1988Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangkokchantrasmi
C. Lawrence Evans1988College of William and Maryevans
Seifeldin Hussein1988hussein
Woosang Kim1988Yonsei College, Koreakimw
Anne Reisinger1988Clark Universityreisinger
William T. Bianco1987Indiana Universitybianco
Christine DeGregorio1987American University, Public Affairsdegregorio
Evelyn Fink1987Lincoln, Nebrfink
Marianne Reynolds Highwood1987Research Consultant, Englandhighwood
Jeffrey Hill1987Northeastern Illinois Universityhill
Michael D. Horn1987horn
David S. Castle1986Lamar Universitycastle
David Lalman1986University of Maryland, College Parklalman
Michael O'Grady1986President of Westhealth Policy Centerogrady
Margaret E. Raymond1986Stanford University, Hoover Institution, Research Fellowraymond
Hank Jenkins-Smith1985University of Oklahomajenkins-smith
John Langeland1985Trinity College, Hartford, Former Director of Information Technologieslangeland
Paul M. Montebello1985Birmingham, Ala.montebello
Prakash C. Sarangi1985University of Hyderabad, Pro Vice Chancellorsarangi
Grace I. Scarborough1985Research Director, Leidos, Inc.scarborough
Walter Petersen1984Industriforvaltnings AB Kinnevik, Stockholmpetersen
Madeleine Smith1984U.S. House of Representatives, Ways and Means Committeesmithm
Darrell Dobbs1983Marquette Universitydobbs
Keith Krehbiel1983Stanford Universitykrehbiel
David Newman1983National University of Singaporenewman
John Wright1983Ohio State Universitywright
Bruce Berkowitz1982berkowitz
Raymond Duch1982Nuffield College, University of Oxfordduch
John Fuh-sheng Hsieh1982University of South Carolinahsieh
Jonathan Lemco1982The Vanguard Group, Valley Forge, PAlemco
James Morrow1982University of Michigan, Ann Arbormorrow
Eugene J. Seyna1982senya
Neil S. Wintfeld1982Genentechwintfeld
Richard Barke1981Georgia Institute of Technology, Public Policybarke
Bradford W. Chaney1981Westat Corporationchaney
Thomas Mortillaro1981mortillaro
Richard Smith1981Roanoke College, Dean of the Collegesmithr
Michael Altfeld1980Carlisle, Penn.altfield
Douglas Beck1980ICF Consulting, Fairfax, Va.beck
Diana Evans1980Trinity Collegeevansd
Chung-hsiou Huang1980huang
Gideon Doron1978Tel Aviv Universitydoron
Keith Poole1978University of Georgiapoole
Theodore Anagnoson1977California State University, Los Angelesanagnoson
Jerome Black1977McGill Universityblack
Stephen Paul Brown1977brown
James Enelow1977University of Texas at Austinenelow
Linda Fowler1977Dartmouth Collegefowler
Roman Hedges1977Ways and Means Committee, New York State Assemblyhedges
Ralph C. Joyce1977Statistics Canadajoyce
Barry Kay1977Wilfred Laurier Universitykay
Subrata Kumar Mitra1977University of Heidelberg, South Asia Institutemitra
Martin Jay Zechman1977Jolicoeur & Associates Risk Solutions, LLCzechman
Jane L. Gilbert1976Washington, D.C.gilbert
Masakatsu Kato1976kato
James Bowen Noble1976noble
Stuart H. Teger1976Attorney, Detroit, Mich.teger
John Aldrich1975Duke Universityaldrich
Charles Edward Lucier1975Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Cleveland, Ohiolucier
Steven Maser1975Willamette University, Atkinson School of Managementmaser
Nancy McGlen1975Niagara University, Dean, College of Arts and Sciencesmcglen
David G. Pfeiffer1975Policy Analyst, Honolulupfeiffer
Jeffrey Richelson1975National Security Archive, Senior Fellowrichelson
Gloria I. Toivola1975University of Wisconsin, Superiortoivola
Robert Weber1975Saint John's Universityweber
Terence Brennan1974brennan
Edouard Cloutier1974Université de Montréalcloutier
Lee Dutter1974Adult and Continuing Education, Barry Universitydutter
Jane Jenson1974Université de Montréaljenson
Lynda W. Powell1974University of Rochesterpowell
William Paul Alexander, Jr.1973alexander
Wendy Joan Hoag1973hoag
Richard McKelvey1973California Institute of Technologymckelvey
Abraham R. Wagner1973Columbia University, International and Public Affairs, Adjunct Professorwagner
T. Edward Westen1973Central Michigan Universitywesten
Peter A. Wissel1973wissel
Peter Aranson1972Emory University, Economicsaranson
Partha Chatterjee1972Columbia University, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Policieschatterjee
Morris Fiorina1972Stanford Universityfiorina
John Happy1972Guelph, Ontariohappy
William C. Stratmann1972Rochester, N.Y.stratmann
Sarah F. Liebschutz1971Rochester, N.Y.liebschutz
David Rohde1971Duke Universityrohde
Robert Gale Samberg1971Albany, N.Y.samberg
Cynthia Thomas1971thomas
Wallace Donald George Gagne1970Sophia Universitygagne
David B. Meltz1970Attorneymeltz
James T. Murphy1970Saint John's Universitymurphy
Kul Rai1970Southern Connecticut State Universityrai
Kenneth Shepsle1970Harvard Universityshepsle
Barbara Sinclair1970University of California, Los Angelessinclair
Mark Stern1970Shepherd College, Vice President of Academic Affairsstern
William James Zavoina1970zavoina
John C. Blydenburgh1969Clark Universityblydenburgh
Peter Ordeshook1969California Institute of Technologyordeshook
Robert Alan Schoenberger1967Wilton, Conn.schoenberger