Honors Program

The honors program provides a capstone experience during a student’s senior year. Students have an opportunity to conduct original social science research in a small collaborative setting. “Original research” means that students will propose an original hypothesis and evaluate it, as opposed to standard political science courses in which students’ written assignments summarize existing arguments. Most theses contain a statistical analysis component, although this is not required. (For example, a thesis could be primarily qualitative or theoretical.)

During the fall, honors students will enroll in PSC/IR 389W (4 credits), taught by the Honors Coordinator, in which they will develop a topic and learn research design techniques. Students will receive feedback from the Honors Coordinator, from peers in the class, and from an additional faculty member who will serve as the main advisor. Contingent on satisfactory performance in the fall, students will write the bulk of the thesis in the spring, enrolling in PSC/IR 393W (4 credits). They will meet periodically with the Honors Coordinator and classmates, and regularly with their thesis advisor, who will assign their spring grade. The end result is a written thesis that will be due on April 15 and will be graded by the advisor and by a second member of the department faculty at the end of the senior year. Students who complete a satisfactory thesis and have a major GPA of at least 3.5 will graduate with honors, and exceptional theses may merit high or highest honors.

To be eligible for the program, a student must be an IR or PSC major and must meet the following minimum requirements before the beginning of the fall semester of the senior year:

Have a major GPA of 3.5 or higher, calculated using all IR and PSC courses plus any other courses the student plans to count toward the IR or PSC major;

Have completed each of the following with a grade of B or better:

1. At least two courses in tools of political analysis (PSC 107, PSC 200, PSC 202, PSC 203, PSC 281, PSC 288, or ECO 231). In lieu of PSC 200, students may substitute one of the following introductory statistics courses: ECO 230, STT 211, STT 212, or STT 213. Prospective honors students are strongly encouraged to have completed at least one statistics course before fall of their senior year.

2. An upper-level writing course, designated with a W.

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Admission to the honors program will be based on invitations issued by the undergraduate coordinator by March 1 of a student’s junior year, or by petition from a student otherwise meeting the minimum criteria. The deadline for a student petition is March 15. The Department will respond to the petition within two weeks, before the fall registration period begins.