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2020 NSF GRFP Awardees

University of Rochester Student Awardees
NameAward TypeField of StudyBaccalaureate InstitutionCurrent Institution
Ajalik, Raquel EstherAwardeeEngineering - Biomedical EngineeringWashington State UniversityUniversity of Rochester
Allen, NatalieAwardeePhysics and Astronomy - Astronomy and AstrophysicsUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Rochester
Beard, Jeffrey WilliamAwardeeEngineering - Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of Texas at El PasoUniversity of Rochester
Driscoll, Rose Margaret HoffmanAwardeeLife Sciences - Evolutionary BiologyReed CollegeUniversity of Rochester
Hernandez, Gregory Mark AngelAwardeeEngineering - other (specify) - Acoustical EngineeringUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Rochester
Krajovic, Daniel MichaelAwardeeEngineering - Chemical EngineeringUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Rochester
Maiola, Michela LynnAwardeeChemistry - Chemical SynthesisUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Rochester
Mentzer, Carlie MaizeAwardeeGeosciences - PaleoclimateUniversity of Mount UnionUniversity of Rochester
Ripin, Adina RAwardeePhysics and Astronomy - Condensed Matter PhysicsUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Rochester
Sarch, Gabriel HerbertAwardeeLife Sciences - NeurosciencesUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Rochester
Shannon, Sydney RoseAwardeeEngineering - Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Rochester
Tompkins, Hannah Gail DooleyAwardeeGeosciences - GeochemistryUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Rochester
Bishel, DavidHonorable MentionPhysics and Astronomy - Plasma PhysicsCalifornia State University-StanislausUniversity of Rochester
Every, Madeline McChesneyHonorable MentionGeosciences - Chemical OceanographyState University of New York College at OneontaUniversity of Rochester
Hernandez, Jackson JHonorable MentionChemistry - Chemical SynthesisSUNY, University at BuffaloUniversity of Rochester
Houghtling, Kaitlyn EHonorable MentionChemistry - Chemical CatalysisRochester Institute of TechUniversity of Rochester
Iqbal, SaleemHonorable MentionPhysics and Astronomy - Atomic, Molecular and Optical PhysicsUniversity of New MexicoUniversity of Rochester
Jagrosse, Melissa LynnHonorable MentionChemistry - Chemistry of Life ProcessesSouthern Connecticut State UniversityUniversity of Rochester
Maillie, Colleen AnnHonorable MentionLife Sciences - Structural BiologyUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Rochester
Rubinstein, Adam EzraHonorable MentionPhysics and Astronomy - Astronomy and AstrophysicsUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborUniversity of Rochester
Shovestul, Bridget JuliaHonorable MentionPsychology - Social/Affective NeuroscienceUniversity of MarylandUniversity of Rochester
Wen, Melissa RuiqiHonorable MentionPsychology - Computational PsychologyUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Rochester

University of Rochester Alumni Awardees
NameAward TypeField of StudyBaccaleureateCurrent Institution
Bueno, Gabrielle LeahAwardeeSocial Sciences - Biological AnthropologyUniversity of RochesterUnpublished
Goldfarb, Audrey MAwardeeLife Sciences - GeneticsUniversity of RochesterRockefeller University
Hansen, Mollie EvaAwardeeEngineering - Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of RochesterUniversity of California-San Francisco
Kopp, AnnaAwardeeEngineering - Chemical EngineeringUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Michigan Ann Arbor
Luke, EmmaAwardeeEngineering - Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Utah
Yu, Raymond BAwardeeEngineering - Electrical and Electronic EngineeringUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Southern California
Biggie, HarelHonorable MentionComp/IS/Eng - Robotics and Computer VisionUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
Cifci, Muhammed KafiHonorable MentionSocial Sciences - Political ScienceUniversity of RochesterPennsylvania State Univ University Park
Clune, RachelHonorable MentionChemistry - Chemical Theory, Models and Computational MethodsUniversity of RochesterUniversity of California, Berkeley
DeMaria, William GHonorable MentionEngineering - Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of RochesterWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Stanko, AllisonHonorable MentionChemistry - Chemical SynthesisUniversity of RochesterCalifornia Institute of Technology