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Arts & Humanities

What does it mean to be human? We explore that question by creating and examining culture in its myriad forms and across disciplines: literature, media, philosophy, religion, visual and performing arts, and much more.

Collage of Japanese Artwork

Re-envisioning pre-war Japan

Joanne Bernardi’s interactive online archive reveals Japan as a cosmopolitan, modernizing nation making its mark in film and experiencing a boom in tourism well before World War II.

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Jarvis and Student on Excavation Site

Tracing Americanization on Smiths Island

Mike Jarvis’ excavation project on Smiths Island in Bermuda aims to document the arrival and development of Englishmen and Africans during the early 1600s.

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Book Cover

New Novel Steeped in Family Mystery

Joanna Scott’s latest book, De Potter’s Grand Tour, started as a family biography featuring her great-grandfather, Aramand De Potter.

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Cajal 1915

Lens, Laboratory, Landscape

Claudia Schaefer’s latest book focuses on competing views about the power of vision and observation in Spain between the 1830s and 1950s. (Photo: Instituto Cajal)

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Stephen Schottenfeld

Novel Explores Brotherhood, Betrayal in the South

Through the lives of three brothers in the South, Stephen Schottenfeld’s debut novel explores themes of class, race, ownership, and loyalty.

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Eye Glasses on an Open Book

Jewish Studies Today

By challenging the status quo, Aaron Hughes seeks to show how investment in ideology influences and informs the field of Jewish studies.

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Chinese Lanterns

Celebrating Independence Through Art and Activism

Artist-activist Heather Layton’s global intercultural art project celebrates the Independence Days of 59 countries.

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Man Filming with Video Camera

Book Explores Awkward Moments in Film and Media

Jason Middleton’s book explores awkward moments in film to help historicize cultural irony and track how it arises in documentary films and reality-based media. (Photo Credit: Flickr/Double B Photography)

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Rettner Exhibition

New Artist Residence Program Begins

Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge and Cary Peppermint created a new artist residency, and welcomed French-Canadian duo Louis Couturier and Jacky Georges Lafargue.

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Seward Family Photo

Digitizing the Seward Family Archive

With grant support, one of the most comprehensive firsthand accounts of 19th-century American political and social life will be available online.

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Randall Curren

Seeking Eudaimonia

A scholar of Aristotelian ethics, Randall Curren’s research has him working with psychologists, educators, natural scientists, and others.

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Rare Books

Nurturing Inquiry: Exploring Special Collections Research

The exhibition—on view through February—highlights the journey of research. It features manuscripts, letters, documents, books, drawings, and photographs.

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