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Natural Sciences

What is the nature of the universe in which we exist? From subatomic particles to the farthest reaches of the universe, the composition of the earth to the components of individual cells, we seek to answer the universe’s—and life’s—big questions.

Close up of Human Eye

Translating Vision Research into Reality

The Advanced Retinal Imaging Alliance (ARIA), a multidisciplinary lab based at the University, is conducting research that could revolutionize vision correction and our understanding of the eye.

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Professor Allen Greenleaf

Professor named a fellow of American Mathematical Society

Allan Greenleaf is recognized for his contributions to inverse problems with applications to cloaking and his service to AMS.

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Elika Bergelson

Unlocking the “Magic” Behind Babies, Language

Elika Bergelson’s research on how babies acquire language will advance more quickly, thanks to a $1.25 million award from the National Institutes of Health.

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RNA Figure

Targeting cells’ protein-making machinery may stop harmful bacteria

A new study by biologist Gloria Culver suggests that blocking ribosome formation may help kill off drug-resistant bacteria.

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Daniel Weix

The Art and Science or Organic Chemistry

Daniel Weix is working to develop better ways of creating molecules in order to accelerate the discovery of new, useful compounds.

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Monkey Eating Banana

Study Shows Monkeys also Believe in Winning Streaks

In their study of non-human primates, Tommy Blanchard and Benjamin Hayden find that monkeys also share our unfounded belief in winning and losing streaks.

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Protein Anchors Help Keep Embryonic Development “Just Right”

Michael Welte has discovered that the histone protein balance is regulated by the storage facilities called lipid droplets, which are best known as fat depots.

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Hubble Jets

Experiment on Earth Demonstrates Effect Observed in Space

Eric Blackman and his collaborators used plasma flows in a laboratory to understand how beam-like jets may form in space.

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Fea Cerdas Formation

Taking the Pulse of Mountain Formation in the Andes

New research by Carmala Garzione and her colleagues points to a rapid surface uplift of mountain ranges.

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Sierra Negra Volcano

Picturing the Systems Beneath Volcanoes

Cynthia Ebinger and her team created the first-ever 3D image of the structure beneath Sierra Negra Volcano in the Galápagos.

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Peeking into Schrödinger’s Box

Robert Boyd and his team apply an alternative method called direct measurement to measure a 27-dimensional quantum state in a single experiment with no post-processing.

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Milky Way

How Stars Move at the Galaxy’s Center

New research by Alice Quillen suggests that stars probably move in peanut-shell or figure of eight-shaped orbits.

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