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Design Your Summer

Mel weekend students on quadProfessional & Competency Development

Staff from across the University have come together to identify and curate resources for students to build professional skills and competencies that we think will compliment your academic coursework. Many of the offerings represent skills and competencies we know will be sought after by employers, graduate programs, fellowship organizations, and many other opportunities you may seek during the upcoming summers or post-graduation. They also connect directly to all of the College Competencies at the University of Rochester.

Medallion Program - Leadership

The Medallion Program is the College's premier leadership development experience. Completing the program provides undergraduate students with proficient knowledge in the College Competency: Leadership. It is uniquely designed to allow students to enter the program at any point, meaning attending a workshop in either Level 1 or 2 (even before enrolling) is acceptable. The program's sophisticated attendance tracking allows students to track and document their progress once they are ready to enroll. Each workshop is connected to one of six foundational domains of the Medallion Program: intrapersonal development, knowledge acquisition, cognitive complexity, practical competence, civic engagement, interpersonal competence, as well as one of the seven College Competencies. Explore the workshops available this summer, and follow the Medallion Program on Facebook or Instagram @medallionprogram.

Professional Development - Success Skills

The Success Skills project started with our 2019 Design Challenge student winners – Adventure Capital.

The idea is simple: curate a list of courses, trainings, and learning opportunities in order to develop skills or competencies that compliment what students learn in their courses. The pilot effort focuses on key areas identified by alumni and students.

Check out some of the offerings and feel free to recommend other resources using the volunteer/recommendation form.

A Guide to Gig Work

Increasingly, more students are entering the “gig economy” which is a trend for the Future of Work. We compiled some resources and created a gig economy guide to help students answer questions about how to establish a side-hustle.

Please note: All international students must consult with an ISO adviser to determine eligibility to undertake any gig work or an internship.

Summer Funding Program

The Greene Center has set aside some of its funding typically provided for summer internships to help students access some of the cool Success Skills opportunities. Check out the application and deadlines.

Summer Prep Programs & College Initiatives


Preparing for opportunities after completing your program at UR can be a challenge. We created some “prep programs” this summer to help with applying for fellowships, preparing for graduate schools, applying to post-docs, and more! Check out the offerings in CCC.


Talk To People

A big part of your success will revolve around the relationships you will create. Check out the Meliora Collective to reach out to alumni and faculty who have volunteered to give advice, recommendations, and support to students.

Rochester tote bagCoronavirus Design Challenge

A team of departments have come together to create a Design Challenge open to ALL students. We have also identified national or international challenges that may be of interest to students. Check out these challenges as they will be ways to build skills and share your insights on problems facing our communities.

UR Coronavirus Challenge

A UR created events taking place in mid-July. Students who elect to participate will attend a series of (5-10) online presentations by partners about how the pandemic is affecting their work and a particular set of challenges that it is posing. The partners may include alumni, community and corporate representatives, and will represent diverse sectors and backgrounds, as well as both local and non-local contexts. Following all of the presentations, students will organize into teams to collaborate on designing solutions for each problem presented. They will do so with the guidance of mentors, including both the original partners and University faculty or staff members.

National or International Challenges, Hackathons or Competitions

There are a number of great team-based challenges or competitions that students can participate in this summer. We compiled a number of them here – create a team and enter to build skills, solve a problem facing a business or community, and, in some cases, win prizes.

Virtual Internships & Projects

The Greene Center has been working with technology partners to identify and create virtual internships and projects that range in length and compensation. Check out our curated list of custom partner resources as well as new and exciting opportunities posted by employers (including alumni) on Handshake.

We are also excited to promote some early-stage companies that UR students and young alumni have founded – check them out for opportunities to work on project, build skills or explore career paths:

CrossRoads Create

As a response to help students during this Covid-19 crisis, CrossRoads Create (a UR startup) is launching a "Summer Side-Hustle Program" that is designed to help students work together on projects and gain valuable skills and experience this summer as a community. It’s a virtual 6-week structured, self-led program that will help students explore a problem they care about with a team and build it into a functioning product through an entrepreneurial approach. You don’t need an idea or team to apply.  Our goal is to help facilitate a valuable experience for students that will help them build technical and soft skills in their field of interest. We will also have some amazing industry professionals as speakers to connect with and learn from.


Are you staying at home and worrying about your summer internship because most of them are canceled? Swiping social media all day but still have nothing new on your resume? Trying to find a way to improve yourselves but ending up laying back to your bed? 
No worries, YoloShadow is here to help! We are a platform that provides job shadow opportunities for travelers and young professionals around the world. Yolo’s job shadow experience is a great way to explore career options in different parts of the world. That is, combining job shadow experience with cultural immersion. During the quarantine time, we will tell you everything you need to know about YoloShadow and how to engage in this ever-changing world. (we promise you it is way better than Instagram nominations.)

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