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About Student Research

Student Spotlights

We encourage you to read Audrey Goldfarb's ('19) weekly "Research Rochester" features in the Campus Times for interviews with students actively doing research across disciplines at the University.

Sophia McRae, Class of 2019

History and Environmental Humanities Majors

“I looked into the use of urban agriculture in two German cities to evaluate how local and urban food production can be used for social justice pursuits, community engagement, and sustainable urban development. I visited a number of different sites in and around Berlin and Freiburg and noted their structure, purposes, ownership, overall mission, and production output. This was done with the intention to understand how urban gardening can be structured to result in real and tangible social change.”

Xueying (Shelley) Chen, Class of 2019

International Relations and Business Majors

“I did a multi-city research on how Chinese social entrepreneurs are solving the problems that migrant workers face in the biggest urban cities. I visit sixteen NGOs, non-profit and social enterprises that have problems implemented to improve migrant workers' living conditions and employment environment. Every day, I would meet up an entrepreneur and talked to them about their approach to solve the pressing problems that migrant workers face. I also interviewed lawyers and journalists. It was a thought-provoking process. I enjoyed it so much.”

Maria Majid, Class of 2019

Cell and Developmental Biology Major

“I worked on carbon nanotechnology that can improve transfection efficiency for cells. More specifically, I helped in establishing a cell plating procedure for these devices, practiced fluorescence microscopy, and reliably imaged cells for presentations and conference papers.”

Lukas Jenkins, Class of 2019

Chemical Engineering Major

“I am going to use my RIG (Research and Innovation Grant) to continue my summer research for a professor in the chemical engineering department during the school year by compensating myself with an hourly wage. The project is to create a nano-scale coating of synthetic peptides that will eliminate undesired protein adsorption and bacterial growth. This work will ultimately be applied to a scientist at URMC who is conducting neuroscience research using electrodes in primates brains that are in need of a coating to help the electrodes last longer before requiring replacement.”