Undergraduate Research Exposition 2022

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The Undergraduate Research Exposition is a College-wide event in which University of Rochester students at all levels and in all areas of study are invited to present their investigative and creative work. The Expo reflects the passion for learning that enlivens the University, professors and students alike, and that finds expression in varied forms, in every area of study.

Speakers Symposium

The Speakers Symposium consisted of four sessions on Friday, April 15, each representing a distinct disciplinary section of the College: humanities, engineering and mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences. There were three presentations during each session; each speaker gave a 10-minute presentation with 5 minutes of Q & A immediately following.

Speakers Symposium sessions were recorded; links to each session are below:

  • ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS (linked to recording)
    • Helena Schreder '22 (Deans' Award recipient)
      • Hydraulic Resistance Model for Interstitial Fluid Flow in the Brain
    • Ena Haseljic '22 (President's Award recipient)
      • Manufacturing a Sleeve-Like Microfluidic Biosensor to Diagnose Sepsis Using Biomarkers in Sweat
    • Justin Sennyondo '22, Omar Hamad '22, Humfrey Kimanya '23, Dung Nguyen '22 (Deans' Award recipients)
      • Structural Assessment of Concrete Vaulted Maya Temples of Bonampak, Chiapas, Mexico
  • HUMANITIES (linked)
    • Catherine Ramsey '22 (President's Award recipient)
      • “Prison City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)”: A Study on the Effects of Living in a Prison Town Through the Shared Movement Lexicon of People Living in Auburn, New York
    • Austen Walker '22 (Deans' Award recipient)
      • Hermafroditas: Bodies, Pleasure and Policing in 1803 Spanish America
    • Niharika Thakur '22 (Deans' Award recipient)
      • Dissenting Voices: Oral Histories of the Emergency
    • Hoang Anh Tran '23 (President's Award recipient)
      • The Role of THUMPD3 Methyltransferase in RNA Modification and Protein Translation
    • Coralee Everett '22 (Deans' Award recipient)
      • Developing Hydra Vulgaris as a Model Organism to Study Cell Polarity
    • Amelia Ostrow '24 and Kevin Liu '22 (Deans' Award recipients)
      • “Wait, was that a Question?”: Flexibility and Stability in the Comprehension of Meaning in Human Speech Sounds 
  • SOCIAL SCIENCES (linked)
    • Evon Mahesh '23 and Annie Rosenow '22 (President's Award recipients)
      • Exclusionary Zoning in Monroe County
    • Princeton Chee '22 (Deans' Award recipient)
      • Prosociality within Close Relationships: A Means to Decrease Loneliness and Strengthen Well-being
    • Marguerite Curtis '22 (Deans' Award recipient)
      • COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among the Latino Community in Rochester, NY: an Ethnographic Approach 

Poster Presentation

The Poster Presentation Fair serves as a place for all undergraduate students who have conducted research in the last year to present their findings to the College community and beyond.  The poster session was held in the Feldman Ballroom of Douglass Commons.

A Virtual Poster Fair is available until April 15, 2023: ResearchExpo2022.virtualpostersession.org.

PROFESSORS' CHOICE AWARD: Awarded to four students/co-presenters participating in the Poster Fair, one from each of the four disciplinary areas
  1. Engineering & Mathematics
    1. Tianwei Jiang '22 and Zilin Zeng '22
      1. "Singing Glasses" -- Digital Adaptation of the glass instrument
  2. Humanities
    1. Philip Cavallo '22
      1. Football, Italian Immigrants, and Argentinidad: The impact of the footballers Luis Monti, Raimundo Orsi, and Guillermo Stábile as Agents of Nationalism
  3. Natural Sciences
    1. Alexis Morgenstern '23
      1. Keratinocytes Demonstrate a Differentiation Dependent Susceptibility to S. aureus Invasion in Accordance With α5 Expression
  4. Social Sciences
    1. James Sheinbaum '23
      1.  Understanding Depression through Speech:  Creating a Transcription Procedure for the UCLA Life Stress Interview

Award Ceremony

The following Expo Awards were presented immediately following the poster session:

  • President's Award: Awarded to the top oral presentation from each of the four disciplinary areas of the Speakers Symposium
  • Deans' Award: Awarded to the other participants selected for a Symposium presentation
  • Professors' Choice Award: Awarded to four students participating in the Poster Fair, one from each of the four disciplinary areas

In addition, the Students' Association will present their Professor of the Year Awards.

How to Get Involved

Students who have engaged in research and who are interested in participating in the Speakers Symposium are requested to fill out an application form by the March 15 deadline. Students interested in the Poster Fair only must submit an application by April 1. We will accept recommendations until five days after the student deadline. See "Important Dates" below.

Whether or not you are involved in undergraduate research, we invite you to attend the Exposition and see some of the exciting things your fellow students are doing.

Application Procedure for Students

Students interested in participating in the poster fair and/or speakers symposium should fill out an application form. Your supervisor need not be a Rochester faculty member; letters in support of your presentation may be written by your mentor/P.I. regardless of location, institution, or affiliation.


  • It is NOT necessary that the research was conducted at Rochester.
  • All current University of Rochester undergraduates may submit an application.
  • Only one application per project is necessary. If submitting a co-presented project, please designate one student as communications liaison to complete the application. Add a "co-presenters: Full Name, major(s), and class year" line to the top of your abstract.

Judges reviewing the applications will be looking for the following:

  • Quality of research
  • Student's command of the subject
  • Topic interest to a broad audience

Important Dates for Expo 2023

  • February 1 – Expo application opens
  • March 15 – Student SPEAKERS SYMPOSIUM applications due by midnight
  • March 20 – Symposium recommendations due by midnight
  • April 1 – Student POSTER ONLY applications due by midnight
  • April 5 – Poster recommendations due by midnight
  • April 21 (tentative) – Undergraduate Research Exposition

The University of Rochester is committed to providing inclusive experiences and equal access to programs and services.  If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation, please contact Ann Robinson (ann.robinson@rochester.edu).  In all situations, a good faith effort (up until the time of the event) will be made to provide accommodations.

Printing Resources

Expo presenters are responsible for printing their own posters. Ask your research mentor about helping with the costs of printing. Poster size is 36"h x 48"w (landscape orientation). In "page setup," resize to 36"h x 48" wide, then "save as" PDF.

The URMC's Xerox Print Services are available for printing of student posters; there are also many online printing services that you may use.

  • Matte and glossy poster paper is available
  • Choose "wide format"
  • Must be .pdf
  • Turnaround times are 3 business days depending on drying time.
  • Located in G-7230. You can reach them at 585-275-3879
  • Open from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday
  • ONLY cash, check, or UR account number are accepted as payments

PLEASE ALLOW AMPLE LEAD TIMES FOR PRINTING of posters to be sure they are ready before April 15th.

Writing Resources

Below is a link with writing tips and examples from PLOS (Public Library of Science), a non-profit, Open Access publisher.  Topics covered include:

  • How to Write a Great Title
  • How to Write an Abstract
  • How to Write Your Methods
  • How to Report Statistics
  • How to Write Discussions and Conclusions
  • How to Edit Your Work


Poster Design Resources

Below are a few links with tips on designing your poster:

Strong Scientific Posters: Presenting Science Concisely with Bruce Kirchoff

Better Posters blog - Plan, Design and Present an Academic Poster, by Zen Faulkes - many brief articles with tips; check out the "Key Posts" links in the column on right side

10 ways to use fewer colors in your data visualizations, by Lisa Charlotte Muth 

Making an exciting poster in the arts and humanities  -  from The Council on Undergraduate Research, The Arts & Humanities Division

Designing Conference Posters, by Colin Purrington  - Downloadable Templates; Do's & Don'ts; How to make your poster more engaging; What to put in each section; Printing; Presenting

Biorender: Create Professional Science Figures in Minutes. Browse thousands of pre-made icons and templates from more than 30 fields of life sciences.