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Wilson Commons houses many services for the University community and provides opportunities for undergraduate student employment. Wilson Commons employs undergraduate students at the Common Connection, Rocky's Sub Shop and Lounge, the Common Market, Hartnett Art Gallery and the 5th Floor Reception. We also employ students as Building Managers. Work study is preferred for some positions.

Working in Wilson Commons is rewarding and fun for undergraduate students with good interpersonal skills and a desire to work in service oriented jobs. From supervising pool tournaments to guarding art exhibits, from managing key sign outs to making fudge, Wilson Commons has employment opportunities for motivated undergraduate students.

The major attributes for employment in Wilson Commons are solid interpersonal skills, a professional attitude, friendliness, and responsibility. Most jobs in Wilson Commons have flexible hours, and are "schedule friendly." Many of the areas are supervised by a student with experience who reports to the professional staff in Wilson Commons.

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Position Descriptions

Hartnett Gallery

Hartnett Gallery employs a crew of students as gallery guards, responsible for greeting patrons, answering and discussing questions regarding the exhibit, guarding art exhibitions, and generally supervising the Gallery space during established hours. Gallery guards should work well with people. No specialized knowledge is required, although the position might be a rewarding opportunity for students with an interest in art.

Rocky's Sub Shop and Lounge

The Rocky's Sub Shop and Lounge employee is responsible for supervising the lounge and ringing up transactions for both Blimpies and the lounge. The Rocky's employee also collects and returns I.D.s when allowing the campus community to sign out video games, board games or use other Rocky's resources. Ability to maintain a clean dining environment, organizational skills and great customer service are all desirable traits for prospective employees.

Common Market

The Common Market employees are responsible for the sale of various items that include but are not limited to candy, bulk items, RNest Art Cart craft novelties, ticket sales for on and off campus events and we also pride ourselves in making and selling homemade fudge.  Experience in cash register sales is helpful, but not required and good customer service skills are essential.

Common Connection

Common Connection staff serve as the main point of contact for individuals and groups looking for information on social and cultural activities, transportation, and university policies. Typical duties include delivering information regarding events in person, on the phone, and by email; managing key sign out for Wilson Commons and lost and found systems; and assisting students with the transportation options that serve campus.

5th Floor Reception Area

The student worker desk is located centrally and serves as a receptionist for any visitors on the 5th floor. Their job is to welcome visitors and direct them to their desired location. They need to be knowledgeable about the staff and offices, not only on the 5th floor, but in all of Wilson Commons. Regular duties include transcribing meeting minutes, making copies, shredding documents, updating spreadsheets, running errands and other administrative tasks. They are expected to be proficient in Word and Excel to create as well as update documents and spreadsheets.

Building Managers

Student Building Managers are responsible for building operations in the absence of the professional staff in the evening and on weekends. Wilson Commons Managers supervise other student crews, oversees reservations and building events, provide support and service to building patrons, enforce building policies, solve problems maintain building security, assist with building emergencies and generally monitor the Commons.

Wilson Commons Undergraduate Student Employee Application

Student Employment Awards

Kathleen Webster Student Employment Award

The Kathleen Webster Student Employment Award was established in 2014 by Wilson Commons Student Activities to honor Kathleen Webster who worked at the University of Rochester for over 40 years. She served as the accountant for Wilson Commons Student Activities and was a significant contributor to the Student Employee Program in Wilson Commons. Kathy supervised the Common Market with energy and created a dynamic working environment for all her students over the years. Wilson Commons Student Activities awards the Kathleen Webster Student Employment Award to a student employee whose participation in student employment has improved their lives, provided them with leadership skills, and who has contributed to their fellow co-workers' employment experience. Student employees holding Junior or Senior status are eligible for this award. This award is given out at the annual Wilson Commons Student Employment Holiday Party.

Winners of the Kathleen Webster Student Employment Award:

Tenet Award

The Student Employment Tenet Award was established in 2014 by the Wilson Commons Student Employment Team and the Office of the Dean of Students. Pride, Communication, Accountability, Customer Service, Respect and Leadership constitute the six essential tenets of student employment in Wilson Commons. These tenets work together for the betterment of Wilson Commons. The Tenet Award is given each semester to one student in each employment area that has demonstrated the qualities of the highlighted tenet for that semester. Any student is eligible for this award regardless of class year and length of employment in Wilson Commons.

Fall 2014 Tenet: Pride

Spring 2015 Tenet: Leadership

Fall 2015 Tenet: Communication