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Event Planning

2016-17 Event Location Requests

Wilson Commons Virtual EMS templates will begin accepting room reservation requests for the 2016-2017 academic year at 11am on Tuesday, July 5th. Due to request volume and the completion of the programming calendar, confirmations will begin being sent July 25th and will continue through mid-August.

The online tool, Virtual EMS (, is the method to submit room reservation requests to the Wilson Commons Reservation Coordinator. Phone inquiries and emails are not viewed as reservation requests.

There are several new and updated spaces for Fall 2016! Please look here to see what's new in Douglass, Spurrier, and Wilson Commons locations.

Below are several reminders related to Virtual EMS and the Wilson Commons (WC) templates.

  • A request does not guarantee a reservation! Virtual EMS does not show pending requests from other users, so there is no confirmed reservation until you have received an email confirmation. The Wilson Commons Reservation Coordinator will send an email confirming your reservation or cancelling the request.
  • To update your organization's Virtual EMS contact, please use this form. If you are unsure who your organization's Virtual EMS contact is, please contact Saundra Peters at for assistance.
  • You do not need to have a Virtual EMS account in order to browse for space on Virtual EMS. (
  • Wilson Commons Virtual EMS templates accept requests for locations in River Campus College classrooms, Wilson Commons, Douglass, Spurrier, O'Brien Hall public spaces, Munnerlyn Atrium, Rettner Hall Atrium, and Strong Auditorium.
  • Here is a summary of the 3 Wilson Commons Virtual EMS templates:
    1. WC - Self Service Rooms - allows requests to be submitted as close as 3 days prior to the desired reservation date. Use this template for requests that do not require assistance with the technology installed in a room. This is ideal for a classroom or conference room.
    2. WC - Supported Reservations - allows requests to be submitted as close as 8 days prior to the desired reservation date. Use for events or locations that may require card reader access, training or authorization for use of the space, or AV or additional services. Also use for recurring meetings that may require services in the future.
    3. WC - Performance Venues - allows requests until 22 days prior to a performance event. Use for events in venues including Strong Auditorium or Douglass Ballroom that require a longer lead time to coordinate necessary services.

Note that requests for rooms in academic spaces and Douglass 3rd and 4th rooms for the Spring 2017 semester will remain as Tentative status until the Registrar's office has finished entering the classroom schedule (which will happen in late November).

For assistance in navigating Virtual EMS or understanding the Wilson Commons templates, please contact