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Utility Sink Guidelines

A sink has been installed in a utility closet (near the Hoyt end of the painted tunnel) to assist organizations when painting the tunnel.  The door is labeled ‘Utility Sink’ and is always unlocked. 

The utility sink room was created for our student community. As members of the community you must work together to manage and respect the Utility Sink room and the tunnel painting process.

The following guidelines apply to tunnel painting and the use of the utility sink. 

  • Students are encouraged to ensure that the content of the painting adheres to the Communal Principles.
  • There is no reservation process for the tunnel.  Please don’t paint over or add additional paint to events or awareness campaigns that have not yet occurred or ended.
  • Tunnel painting should be done when there is reduced traffic utilizing the area (i.e. later evenings and weekends).
  • No spray paint or oil paint may be used in the tunnel.
  • The floor should not be painted.
  • No chairs can be used while painting the tunnel.  There are poles that can be attached to roller frames/handles available for use in the utility sink room. 
  • A limited number of roller frames/handles are available for use in the utility sink room.  These should be returned after use.  Organizations are responsible for providing the roller covers to go on the handles/frames and paint trays.
  • Nothing outside of the tunnel can be painted so please make sure no paint is tracked out of the tunnel.
  • All clean-up from tunnel painting must be done in the utility sink.  No restroom sinks near the tunnel may be used.
  • Your organization may be charged Facilities fees if paint is found outside of the tunnel or if clean-up activities take place outside of the utility sink.
  • Paint cannot be stored on campus.  Leftover paint from tunnel painting should be placed on a shelf in the utility sink room with the lid sealed tightly for proper disposal.
  • Leftover paint supplies like roller frames/handles, brushes, trays, etc. may be left neatly on the shelves and hooks in the utility sink room.  Any supplies left in the utility sink room become community property and can be used by any organization.