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Student Organizations

Crowdfunding with Funderbolt

Crowdfunding raises different amounts of money from a large number of people your network can reach via web, email, and social media. Funderbolt is a crowdfunding platform that was specifically designed for the funding needs of student organizations.

See our current crowdfunding campaigns in action.

Choosing to crowdfund will benefit your donors by making their gift tax-deductible, to the extent of the law, and they will be thanked by you as well as the University of Rochester. There are also a number of benefits student organizations receive. Below are a few of the benefits for choosing crowdfunding, as well as the related expectations and requirements.


  • Get a crowdfunding campaign consultant from Funderbolt to support you and your team
  • Learn best practices and get weekly tips to expand your reach
  • Reach a much broader audience than tabling in Wilson Commons
  • No upfront costs
  • Learn philanthropic and stewardship practices
  • Funderbolt is approved and supported by Advancement and Alumni Relations, whereas other platforms are discouraged

Expectations and requirements:

  • Student organization campaigns must have or get an account through the Students’ Association Appropriation Committee (SAAC)
  • Student organization campaigns should support their mission
  • Student organization campaigns have a four percent service fee  of funds raised(this is subsidized from a 9.9 percent service fee)
  • All campaigns can petition to receive 100 percent of their campaign donations by filling out the “Crowdfunding Service Fee Petition Application
  • All campaigns with a goal of more than $40,000 will need to meet with crowdfunding director Stacey Fisher to review their application
  • Student organization or student initiative campaigns that fundraise for a charitable organization outside of the University of Rochester will have the 9.9 percent service fee applied to their campaign

Apply for a crowdfunding campaign page.

The services provided by Funderbolt meet the standards of the University of Rochester. The University highly recommends all online fundraising go through Funderbolt. Using another platform is discouraged because:

  • On average, other platforms charge your donors a percentage
  • Other platforms charge a seven percent or higher service fee
  • Proper accounting and donor stewardship is not recorded