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Maintaining a Great Organization

Campus Community Connection

The Campus Community Connection (CCC) is the web tool for undergraduate student organizations. It provides resources to student organization leaders and is a portal of information for prospective members. After a student organization is registered, the officer that completed the form will have the ability to log in to their organization's CCC site utilizing their Net ID at Some of the resources available to organizations include:

  • Ability to update basic information about the organization, their events and members.
  • Use of the easy-to-update "Home" page as a public online face instead of a separate website
  • Undergraduate member list, associate member list, and the ability to message groups of members or individuals
  • File storage for public or private use
  • A photo gallery feature
  • News Posts
  • Online Event Notices and Creation

Access to Site

The student leader who completes initial group registration form will receive access to the club site for that organization. All students who then are listed as officers will automatically have access to the site.

File Storage

Organizations can upload files for both public and private use. Constitutions, Mid-Year Reports, and other documents that are passed down from year to year should be stored here.

Photo Gallery

Organizations can upload pictures of their organization to their photo gallery. Once photos or logos are uploaded to the gallery, they can then be utilized on the "About Us" page.

Home Page

The "Home" page is automatically created with an organization's mission statement and officer list. A short, convenient web address is used for each organization's CCC site so that they can publicize it as their public website. This alleviates many groups' need to have an independent website.


Committees are an organized group within an existing student organization, or parent organization. Committees only have one elected position which is designated as the Chairperson. The Committee Chairperson shall be responsible for maintaining the committee's CCC mailing list.

Event System

Officers of organizations will be able to create events for their organization and advertise it to the student body online. No more paper forms!

Prospective Members

All students can view information on UR student organizations and sign up as prospective members. These names will be automatically added to the organization's prospective member list. It is important for an organization to contact these interested students soon after they sign up with information regarding the organization's next meeting and events. As prospective members become active in an organization, just click the button to have them moved onto your regular member list.

Graduated Members

At the beginning of each year, please remember to delete all students who already graduated. This prevents them from getting unwanted emails and keeps the numbers in the database more accurate.