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Group Accident/Injury

Accident Information

The Accident and Injury Form must be submitted within 24 hours of the accident. At what point do you need to fill out the accident and Injury form? Anytime one of the following, but are not limited to, requires filling out the form: nausea or vomiting; injury to hands, fingers, feet, toes, limbs; inflammation, bruising, broken bones; head, neck or back injuries; falling. When something is serious you should document it through the Accident and Injury Form.

It is important to report/collect the following:

  1. Student Organization that occurrence happened under
  2. Person(s) injured
  3. Date and time of occurrence
  4. Location of occurrence
  5. Type of injury
  6. Cause of occurrence
  7. Contact of Student Organization event manager
  8. Name and contact of one witness

When an emergency happens event managers should consider all the options

  1. Sending injured person to UHS
  2. Call Public Safety
  3. Call 911