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Flag Display in Hirst Lounge

The flags displayed in Hirst Lounge represent the countries of international students sponsored for study, the sovereign nations of Native American students, the United States and its territories. This display is updated annually to represent the current student population at the University of Rochester.

Process for Yearly Display Update

By the third week in September, ISO provides a list of international students' countries and registrar provides a list of US territories and sovereign nations to the director of Wilson Commons. 

Wilson Commons purchases new flags and updates the display by October 15 following the University Flag Display protocol.

  • There are three separate displays for international flags, Native American nation flags, and US territories
  • International flags will be displayed in alphabetical order according the the country’s English name 
  • Native American nations flags are displayed in alphabetical order
  • US territories are displayed in the order of admission to the union

The International Education Week Committee coordinates all celebrations related to the flag display.