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Wilson Commons Policies

Access Policy

To unload and load supplies for events in Wilson Commons, the designated location is the loading dock off of Library Road. Please put on your hazard lights while at the dock.

Vehicles cannot remain at the loading dock during events.

Red Cart Usage Policy

To borrow the red cart, you must:

  • Be a member of a registered student group or a staff member in the Office of the Dean of Students
  • Use the red cart for the purposes of that group
  • Leave your ID card and phone number with the Common Connection
  • Return the cart within three hours unless prior arrangements have been made with Event and Classroom Management

If the cart is returned damaged, a fee may be assessed. If the cart is not returned, there is a $300 replacement cost.

While we make every effort to accommodate requests, the cart is non-reservable and is instead available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are certain times where the cart may not be available for use. Event and Classroom Management may call to reclaim a cart currently in use.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the director of Wilson Commons.

Piano Policy

There are four pianos located throughout Wilson Commons, with one each in the:

  • Gowen Room
  • May Room
  • Havens Lounge
  • Wilson Commons 503

The Gowen Room, May Room, and Havens Lounge pianos can be used if the room is not reserved for an event or meeting. The pianos cannot be used while Event and Classroom Management is setting up for an event. No drinks are allowed on the pianos. If there is an issue with a piano, please report it to the Common Connection.

Third Floor Lounge Chalkboard Policy

To reserve the third floor lounge chalkboard in Wilson Commons, please submit a request using the online Third Floor Lounge Chalkboard Request Form at least five business days prior to the start of the requested reservation date. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. An email will be sent to the individual who submitted the initial request either approving or denying the request depending on if it can be accommodated. Please be aware that groups are not guaranteed use of the chalkboard.

The third floor lounge chalkboard is exclusively available to student groups and University departments recognized by Wilson Commons Student Activities (WCSA). Chalking by an unrecognized group or outside entity will be erased. The chalkboard is reserved in one-week time slots.

Approved organizations must use chalk provided by WCSA. Chalk may be picked up and returned to the Common Connection.

All displays must clearly state the sponsoring organization/department. Student organization displays must be approved by the advisor before student organizations can chalk.

WCSA is not responsible for the erasing or tampering of information. However, chalking of any content that is deemed inappropriate by WCSA will be removed immediately. Inappropriate content includes drug paraphernalia and slanderous language.

All chalking will be erased by midnight on the last day of the reservation.

Outside Vendor Table Request Policy

A table may be scheduled by submitting the online Off-Campus Table Request Form.

Off-campus constituents can only request dates and times during the academic year. Off-campus constituents can request a maximum of two time slots per day, which includes 9 a.m.–2 p.m., 2 p.m. –7 p.m., or 7 p.m. –midnight, Saturday and Sunday Off-campus constituents can request a maximum of five days per month for vending purposes.

Once the form is approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided by the person who submitted the form.

There is a fee of $30 a day. This fee will be invoiced to the person who submitted the form at the end of the confirmed vending period. Checks should be made payable to the University of Rochester. This fee must be paid regardless of whether or not there are any sales made. Cancellations must be communicated 48 hours before the start of the reservation date.

Wilson Commons will provide one free vendor table to any Boy or Girl Scout Troop per semester. Any additional vendor tables requested will carry the $30 fee per additional day.

All off-campus constituents must stay at the designated vendor table at all times and be present during the length of the reservation. NO SOLICITATION is allowed anywhere else in Wilson Commons.

The standard set-up is one five-foot table and two chairs. Use of any other tables or chairs in the area is strictly prohibited. Any additional equipment needed to display items must fit on the five-foot table or the immediate area surrounding the table. Any display used in the surrounding area that is deemed as blocking a fire egress will need to be removed.

No posters, banners, or materials can be hung from the ceiling or walls. Off-campus constituents may not advertise, promote, or sell credit cards.

Wilson Commons Student Activities (WCSA) will not and cannot tolerate the selling of any unlicensed, counterfeit, or bootleg merchandise, candles, incense, or any item with an open flame, as well as all upward-facing bowl lamps, decorative string lights, or flammable room decorations.

Items that advertise or promote alcohol or other drugs cannot be sold in Wilson Commons. Vendors selling such items will be asked to leave immediately.

No overnight storage is available. Off-campus constituents are responsible for bringing and removing their merchandise at the beginning and end of each confirmed day. Off-campus constituents must contact the WCSA office at (585) 275-9390 at least a day before to discuss proper unloading procedures.

It is the sole responsibility of the off-campus constituent to secure parking on the University campus. Contact the Parking Office at (585) 275-4524.

Off-campus constituents accept checks and credit cards at their own risk. Wilson Commons will not assume responsibility for students' accounts and will not release personal information.

Flex Table Policy

At flex tables organizations can use flex machines, which allow students to make purchases using their ID card. Flex tables are a great way to fundraise for your club or organization. Wilson Commons has four available flex tables. There are two on the second floor of Wilson Commons and two on the first floor of Wilson Commons next to the Common Market.

To reserve a flex table in Wilson Commons, please submit a request using the online Flex Table Request Form at least five business days prior to the start of the requested reservation date. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. An email will be sent to the individual who submitted the initial request either approving or denying the request depending on if it can be accommodated. Please be aware that groups are not guaranteed a flex table.

Requests are accepted beginning on August 15 for the fall semester and November 15 for the spring semester. Reservations will not be confirmed prior to those dates.

A flex table confirmation includes the use of the flex machine and the corresponding table. There is no need for a separate table request.

Student groups are limited to two separate rental use periods per semester. Flex machines can be reserved for a maximum of five days. A fee of $3 a day will be assessed. Student groups who have a confirmed flex reservation may store supplies at the Common Connection as long as they fit within the bin designated for that flex table.

Flex tables are NOT to be used for admission tickets, dues, or tickets of any kind.

A confirmation of a flex table is for the designated flex table and the ability to purchase can only occur at the designated table. Individuals staffing the table may not solicit anywhere else in Wilson Commons. At least one representative from the student organization or department to whom the reservation was confirmed must be present during use.

Funds collected from the transaction will be available within 30 days after the final day of the reservation. A rental fee of $3 a day will be deducted from the earnings. Earnings will be automatically transferred into the account of organizations that have an account in the SAAC office. All other organizations can pick up their checks from the SAAC office on the second Thursday of each month. If the earnings do not exceed the fees owed, the organization is still responsible for the fees and must pay the fee prior to the organizations next flex reservation.

Cancellation Policy

The group must notify the Wilson Commons staff members by emailing at least two business days in advance if the flex table will not be used on a particular day or if the group intends to cancel the rental in its entirety. Otherwise, the rental agreement will be considered null and the group's rental privileges for the remainder of the semester will be suspended. Additionally, the group will still be responsible for paying the usage fee, which must be paid to gain privilege of the flex machines for the following semester.

Loss or Damage

Any loss, damage, or vandalism during your use to the unit, case, or key is the responsibility of the group using it and will be charged based on the cost for repair or replacement (not to exceed $3,000). Any of the above circumstances must be reported immediately to the Wilson Commons building manager. Below is a list of fines per damage:

  • $50 if the key is lost or damaged
  • $100 if a damaged containment box requires replacement

Tabling Policy

Information tables are available as a simple way to promote your club or organization's activities. Information tables can be reserved for a maximum of eight consecutive days. There are four information tables available in Wilson Commons.

You can only provide information to patrons of Wilson Commons at the assigned info table. You are not allowed to solicit anywhere else in Wilson Commons.

Parties Policy

All parties in Wilson Commons must be registered through the event registration process.

Before Event

The sponsoring organization will schedule a meeting with the director of Wilson Commons and/or the sponsoring groups' staff advisor(s) at least two weeks prior to the party.

Through the event registration process, security will determine the appropriate level of security needed and the charges incurred.

An additional student building manager will be specifically assigned to monitor the party. The sponsoring group is required to cover the cost of the extra building manager, and the cost of the primary building manager if the party continues past 1 a.m.

The sponsoring group is responsible for creating signs that designate party entrances, exits, and Wilson Commons party rules.

Representatives from the group will meet with the student building manager prior to opening the doors to the party. At this meeting, the building manager will set up several times during the event to meet with group representatives.

During the Event

Organization representatives must monitor all possible points of entry to the party at all times. Any guest entering the party must have a valid form of college ID. ID's will be checked for all guests. No exceptions.

The sponsoring organization must provide responsible student volunteers to act as social hosts. The minimum ratio must one social host per every thirty party guests. The social hosts must be in addition to the volunteers at the party entrance.

Organization representatives will meet with the building manager at the pre-arranged times and communicate any problems or concerns.

Wilson Commons closes at 1 a.m. After this time, no guests will be allowed into to the party. Any guest who leaves the party will not be allowed back in. If the party continues after 1 a.m., the sponsoring organization will ensure party members are contained in the designated areas of the building.

If party members appear intoxicated or are found in possession of alcohol, the sponsoring organization will ask them to leave. If problem persists, organization members will contact security and/or the building manager for assistance.

Music will be turned off at 1:45 a.m. Guests must vacate by 2 a.m.

After Event

The sponsoring organization will return building to its original state or charges may incur. After cleanup, the organization will meet with the building manager to ensure cleanliness standards have been met and there are no additional problems to be addressed.