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Student Association (SA) Storage Policy

This policy includes the Ruth Merrill Center offices and cabinets, Morey shared storage, Spurrier storage closets, and Spurrier limited access storage.

Any storage space assigned to your organization can only be used to store your organization’s materials. This space cannot be used for personal storage.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Prohibited items:

    • Paint cans
    • Spray paint
    • Sterno (“canned heat”)
    • Compressed gasses (e.g., helium, propane, etc.)
    • Flammable items

Prohibited items will be confiscated and disposed of if found in your assigned storage space. Storing any of these items in your organization’s storage space will automatically earn the organization an unsatisfactory rating

Food items must be stored in sealed containers. Acrylic poster paint is permitted.

Contact Renewal

SA storage contracts must be renewed at the beginning of each school year; your contract runs from August–May each year, unless other arrangements have been made with the SA storage team. SA Storage contract renewals must be completed no later than October 31 of each year. The operations graduate assistant (GA) will email one on October 1 and one on October 15 to all e-board members and advisors who have not renewed their SA Storage contract.

If your organization does not complete the renewal, your group forfeits use of the storage space. You will have seven days to coordinate a time with the operations GA to clean out the items currently in storage. If a time is not set up, all items in your storage locker will be discarded.

Assessment and Ratings

Assigned storage spaces must be kept clean and organized. Assessments of your space will be conducted three times a year (July, November, and March) with the final assessment to occur prior to final budgeting. 

Your e-board and advisor will be notified of your rating (satisfactory, needs improvement, or unsatisfactory) within 10 business days following each assessment. If your space is rated unsatisfactory during the final assessment, your organization may be assessed a minimum fine of $50 and/or your SA budget for the following school year may be impacted. 

If your organization is put on probation after an assessment, WCSA will send you a list of changes that should be done and reported to the Wilson Commons director within one week. If changes are not reported back or made, your organization may be removed from the space.

If your storage space is rated unsatisfactory for two consecutive final assessments, your group may be required to vacate the assigned space.

Initial Setup

Student organizations should indicate a need for storage space on their SOAR report or via the SA Storage Request.

Storage is given on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are not enough storage spaces, your organization will be added to a SA storage waiting list.

Storage space will be assigned by the SA storage team after the request has been reviewed. SA storage requests should clearly indicate:

  • What will be stored in the space
  • How much space is needed
  • What it will be used for  

If this information is not indicated on the request form, the student organization will be notified by a member of the SA storage team.

Once a space has been assigned, a member of the student organizations e-board will be directed to Wilson Commons 101, located in the Ruth Merrill Center, to complete and sign the SA storage contract.

Keycard swipe access or a key will be granted once this requirement has been completed. Keys will be issued to Campus Community Connection (CCC) e-board members. A $5 cash deposit per key is required at time of pick-up. Card swipe access does not require a deposit and will be granted once each e-board member has signed the SA Key Log/Card Swipe Contract.

Swipe access to storage space will be granted three business days after each e-board member has signed the SA Key Log/Card Swipe Contract in the SAAC office.

Request More Storage

If your organization needs more storage space, you must complete an SA Storage Request Form.

Storage space is a privilege and is not guaranteed.

Space Specific Policies

Ruth Merrill Cabinets/Offices, Todd Offices, and Spurrier Storage Closets

Keys are signed out by the operations graduate assistant (GA) located in the Ruth Merrill Center. Organizations looking to sign out keys are required to email the GA at to make an appointment. There is a $5 refundable cash deposit for each key that is issued. Keys are only distributed to members of the e-board listed on the Campus Community Connection (CCC) with a maximum of five keys signed out per organization.

Each May, a key inventory will be processed by the SA office assistant and assigned GA. Keys are to be returned before students leave campus each school year; if keys are not returned prior to student’s departure, a $50 fine may be assessed.

Lost or unreturned keys result in a $50 fee to the individual listed on the Key Log/Card Swipe Contract (this is due to the cost of changing the lock). All keys must be returned and/or fines must be paid in full by cash or check (payable to the University of Rochester) before any keys will be re-issued to student organizations for the following year. Fines cannot be paid using SA budget.

Ruth Merrill Center Flat File Usage

A flat file is a type of filing cabinet that stores poster and other large items on a flat surface. Use of the flat file is assigned to organizations that currently have cabinet space in the Ruth Merrill Center.

Effective fall 2016, all supplies must be kept in the assigned cabinet or assigned flat file drawer. Items resting on top of or beside cabinets in Ruth Merrill will be disposed of.

Shared Storage (Morey and Prop Room)

Morey keycard swipe access will be granted once the SA Storage Contract has been signed by a member of the e-board and the Key Log/Card Swipe Contract has been completed by each e-board member requesting access to the space.

Swipe access will be cleared at the end of each school year. Access will be granted for the new school year by completing the steps above.

Only e-board members can request access to the prop room. You can sign out the key at the Common Connection desk.

All items must be stored in a stackable plastic container and labeled with your student organization’s name unless otherwise approved. Adding additional bins without prior authorization is prohibited. Removal of items that belong to a different group is prohibited.

A toter (a large plasic bin on wheels) is available in the storage room to assist with moving items, but toters must be returned after use.

Accessing the space with unauthorized individuals is prohibited.

Spurrier Limited-Access Storage

Items stored in Spurrier should be items that are only accessed once or twice a semester.

Accessing stored items in Spurrier limited-access storage requires a staff member or designee to accompany the student to Spurrier and must be coordinated ahead of time through the operations GA.

Key Return

Each May, a key inventory will be processed by the SA office assistant and assigned GA. Keys are to be returned before students leave campus each school year; if keys are not returned prior to student’s departure, a $50 fine may be assessed.