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Parties in Wilson Commons

All parties in Wilson Commons must be registered through the Event Registration Process on CCC.


  1. The sponsoring group will schedule a meeting with the director of Wilson Commons and/or the sponsoring groups' staff advisor(s) at least 2 weeks prior to the party.
  2. Through the event registration process, security will determine the appropriate level of security needed and the charges incurred.
  3. An additional student Building Manager will be specifically assigned to monitor the party. The sponsoring group is required to cover the cost of the extra building manager, and the cost of the primary building manager if the party continues past 1AM.
  4. The sponsoring group is responsible for creating signs that designate party entrances, exits, and Wilson Commons party rules.
  5. Representatives from the group will meet with the student building manager prior to opening the doors to the party. At this meeting, the building manager will set up several times during the event to meet with group representatives.


  1. Group representatives must monitor all possible points of entry to the party at all times. Any guest entering the party must have a valid form of college identification. ID's will be checked for all guests. No exceptions.
  2. Responsible student volunteers will be provided by the sponsoring organization to act as social hosts. At any one time, the minimum ratio must be met: one social host per every thirty party guests. The social hosts must be in addition to the volunteers at the party entrance.
  3. Group representatives will meet with the building manager at the pre-arranged times and communicate any problems or concerns.
  4. Wilson Commons closes at 1AM. After this time, no guests will be allowed admittance to the party. Additionally, any guest who leaves the party will not be allowed re-admittance. If the party continues after 1AM, the sponsoring group will ensure party members are contained in the designated areas of the building.
  5. If party members appear intoxicated or are found in possession of alcohol, the sponsoring group will ask them to leave. If problem persists, group members will contact security and/or the building manager for assistance.
  6. Music will be turned off at 1:45AM. Guests must vacate by 2AM.


  • The sponsoring group will return building to its original state or charges may incur. After cleanup, the group will meet with the Building Manager to ensure cleanliness standards have been met and there are no additional problems to be addressed.