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Commission on Women and Gender Equity in Academia

Purpose and Charge

Commission’s Purpose:

To lead the University of Rochester community in researching and recommending gender equitable policies and practices that promote a culture of respect, inclusiveness, and equal opportunity for individuals across the gender spectrum.

Commission’s Charge:

Specific to the academic settings of the University of Rochester, the Commission’s charge is to:

  1. Assess the status of individuals across the gender spectrum, but with particular attention to women and LGBTQI+ members. Assess how current policies, practices, norms, and campus climate affect their experience in positive and negative ways.
  2. Identify shortfalls and exemplars regarding the University’s performance in establishing and achieving gender equity goals within a structure of power that places some individuals across all gender identities in positions of vulnerability.
  3. Propose strategies to implement best practices that are nondiscriminatory based on gender and will contribute to institutionalizing gender equity throughout the university.
  4. Be accountable to the University of Rochester community for presenting fair and independent findings.
  5. Educate the University of Rochester community (e.g., students, faculty, staff, alumni) to promote the institutionalization of gender equity and improvements in the status of women and LGBTQI+ individuals at the University.
  6. Remain active as a Commission to monitor implementation of our recommendations.