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FAQ: Financial issues

For students and families | Updated May 29, 2020

Refunds and reimbursements

What is the University doing about the cost ramifications for families?

There are many consequences to this global pandemic. With this in mind, the University reimbursed room and board charges on a pro-rated basis as-of March 20. Know that credits on the student bill as a result of this adjustment for room and board will have no impact on financial aid packages. All room and board adjustments would have appeared on the April statements, which would have been posted online in the middle of April.

If a student is expecting a refund due to room and board adjustments, they should login to Blackboard and update their refund profile in UR ePAY under “Manage Refunds.” View step-by-step instructions.

Note: students who leave personal belongings in the dorms will still qualify for reimbursement.

What about declining dining accounts and URos?

Dining Services is pro-rating refunds of meal plans and all remaining spring semester declining funds for all students who did not remain on-campus. URos funds will not be refunded but will remain in each student’s account for future use. URos can be used for other purchases, the bookstore online, in College Town, etc.

How will the refunds be issued? What if I paid through a parent loan or 529 accounts?

Residential Life and Dining Services will be working to post adjustments to housing and dining on student accounts. Once those adjustments have been posted, the Bursar’s Office will be working to issue refunds.

The refunds will be issued in the student’s name and will be via direct deposit, if the student has set this up as their refund preference. If not, the refund will be issued in a check and mailed to the student’s billing address.

One exception is if the charges were paid by a Federal Parent loan, in which case the refund would be issued to the parent in a check. If the charges were paid through a 529 Plan, the refund will be issued directly to the student, just as it would under any circumstances. Please contact the administrator of your 529 Plan directly for any tax questions.

Will the University refund the student health fee if I’m no longer living on campus?

The mandatory health fee is designed to provide funding to cover a variety of services that are offered to students whether they are on campus or not. University Health Service is currently offering telemedicine appointments so that students can have a virtual visit with their physician or nurse practitioner from any location. The Counseling Center is also offering teletherapy sessions, and the UHS Health Promotion staff is supporting and promoting the Mindful University Programming.

Health Promotion Office Programs available online:

The UR Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna) is still available and providing health coverage regardless of a student’s location, including internationally. Student coverage is in effect until July 31, 2020

Will other mandatory fees be refunded?

Generally, there are no further adjustments or account credits for mandatory fees.

The undergraduate activities fee funds student event activities throughout the year such as Yellowjacket Day, the Winter Carnival, and Dandelion Day. It helps support undergraduate clubs and organizations, and it is used to sponsor outside speakers, and to subsidize the costs associated with running student facilities. This money is being utilized in offering online activities and support services. Upcoming programming hosted by Wilson Commons Student Activities can be found here.


My child is not getting the academic-experiential-residential experience we have paid for. Will we receive a tuition refund because of this?

Since classes and labs continued for the remainder of the semester via remote instruction, there will be no credits to student accounts related to spring 2020 tuition and lab charges. Classes and instruction continued through the end of the spring 2020 semester and credits and grades will be assigned normally. As with everything, we’re doing this for the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.

Student employment

I have a work-study job on campus. Can I still work?

Students who live in the Rochester area (but who have left campus as advised), if the job can be completed remotely, such as TA work, this paid position can continue and is strongly encouraged to be done remotely.

All Federal Work Study students and their supervisors will be sent information about how these students’ employment will be handled.

Students who are outside of the Rochester area obviously cannot work if the student employment position requires them to be physically on campus. If the job can be performed remotely, the student may be paid while completing the work remotely.

Students with questions about Federal Work Study should contact their financial aid counselor. Students conducting research should devise a plan with their academic/research departments.

Contact Student Employment: (585) 275-3226. (Note: This is the main number for the Financial Aid Office. Ask for Student Employment.)

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