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Graphic Identity Standards:
Stationery System

1-sided business card
1-Sided Business Card

2-sided business card
2-Sided Business Card

number 10 envelope
#10 Envelope


A comprehensive stationery system for the University is a key component of the graphic identity.

Printed Stationery

The University, working with Brewer & Newell—the University's only authorized standard stationery printer—has developed an online ordering system to properly incorporate the graphic standards. If you were a previous online user, you can resume ordering stationery online. If you were not previously registered online you will need to complete that step before ordering. Contact Brewer & Newell at (585) 235-7670 or by email to register.

Digital Letterhead

For the highest quality presentation, we strongly encourage the use of two-color, preprinted, recycled stationery. However, we understand that there are times when the only way to send an official correspondence is via e-mail. In that case, contact Creative Services at (585) 275-4121, or e-mail Steve Reynolds or Michael Osadciw. We will create a Word template for your needs that incorporates the University logo and the information from your standard pre-printed letterhead.

To ensure the highest—and only acceptable—level of quality for your color digital letterhead, you must have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader) installed on your computer to enable the Word template to reproduce properly.

Unacceptable Usage

Do not attempt to create your own digital letterhead or other stationery products, or to use a copier to duplicate the University's letterhead. Pre-printed letterheads are safe to load in laser and inkjet printers, as well as photocopiers. 


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