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Graphic Identity Standards:

Standard Typefaces

There are several type faces specified in the University’s graphic identity system. Garamond Premier Pro Opticals and Myriad Pro are used for stationery items, and Swiss 721 Black Condensed is used for the standard spirit marks.

Compatible Typefaces

With current technology, thousands of typefaces are available for desktop publishers and Web page designers. However, not all typefaces reflect the preferred, professional visual image of the University of Rochester.

Below is a list of typefaces, both serif and sans serif, classic and contemporary, that would work well with the logos and evoke high quality, history, and excellence.

The goal is to establish a continuity of appearance that supports the University’s brand while promoting a cohesive, professional look to printed communications products.

The consistent use of these typeface families establishes an image for the University that is instantly recognizable and increasingly memorable. The use of novelty and script fonts is discouraged in most cases; call Publication Services at (585) 275-4121 if you have a question about the use of typefaces.


Compatible Typefaces

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