TO:The University Community

FROM:University Telecommunications Division (UTD)

RE:Replacement and Enhancement of University Remote Access

University faculty, staff, and students who used ACC for remote access to their campus e-mail, computer files, and other restricted systems will be able to establish alternate forms of access when ACC ends its service on June 30. Please note, the e-mail address [username] will not be maintained after June 30.

Individuals may select any Internet service provider (ISP) as a replacement for the ACC service and the [username]@dialup. e-mail address. The list of providers, which all offer corporate billing, will be listed on UTD's Web page at

Some ACC users chose ACC as their service provider to gain access to certain restricted University resources (such as FirstSearch) that were not available via other ISPs (such as AOL, Frontier, etc.). These users will not only need to switch to a new ISP, but also install a virtual private networking (VPN) client on their home computer, described subsequently. ACC users who do not need access to these restricted resources will not need the VPN client. Of course, they will still need to sign up for a new ISP.

The ISP connection, in conjunction with client software on the user's machine, will enable the same degree of access that is now available through ACC. The software necessary on each user's machine creates VPN and gives each user a private password to enable access to the University network. All authorized users now connecting through ACC will receive their confidential password by mail to their ACC billing address, which may be either a department address or home address.

For PCs, VPN is incorporated in Windows 98, and is integrated with Dial Up Networking 1.3 in Windows 95. Some computers may require upgraded software, and UTD's Web site tells where and how to obtain it.

For Macintoshes, a client product called Tunnel Builder from Network TeleSystems, Inc. must be installed, and it is recommended that the installation be done by University staff familiar with network configurations. Cost for the Mac client is discounted by virtue of a volume purchase agreement. All customers can obtain the Mac client at Taylor Hall for $60 per license.

Users are encouraged to test their computers' dial-up capabilities with VPN before June 30 if at all possible. Those with questions about who to contact for configuration support should consult with their department or central information technology support team.

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