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May 10, 2010

New urgent care center focuses on community’s oral health needs

YanFang Ren and Noura Fadel
   Clinic chief YanFang Ren with resident Noura Fadel.

The region’s only dedicated urgent dental care facility, Eastman Dental Urgent Care, opened last month, aiming to improve access to services for emergency dental patients.

The clinic, on the concourse level of the 625 Elmwood Avenue site, can accommodate up to 60 patients a day. It offers seven private treatment rooms, cone beam x-ray technology that provides 3D imaging with exceptional detail, and intraoral cameras and monitors in each room to allow patients to see detailed images of their dental problems, giving clinicians a chance to help educate patients about oral care. English- and Spanish-speaking receptionists are on staff all day.

A majority of Eastman Dental patients have no regular source of dental care and depend on emergency clinics for their dental needs. “The new clinic not only improves our services but also represents an opportunity to increase understanding about the importance of preventive dental care and oral health,” says YanFang Ren, Eastman Dental Urgent Care chief.

“Research strongly indicates a direct link between oral health and general health, and people who rely on emergency clinic for their dental care are also more likely to rely on hospital emergency rooms for their medical care,” says Cyril Meyerowitz, director of Eastman Institute for Oral Health. “It is our goal to help patients understand the importance of disease prevention and make the transition from the urgent care system into the primary care system for their dental as well as general health needs.”

Eastman Dental was awarded a state grant last year to build the urgent care clinic and make renovations at the Elmwood Avenue site as well as to increase capacity and upgrade facilities at Eastman Dental Downtown.

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