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May 17, 2011

University introduces new mission statement

Learn, Discover, Heal, Create - and make the world ever better

“Meliora” has been the University’s motto for generations of students, alumni, and faculty members. Now, for the first time ever, it is being complemented by a carefully developed and enthusiastically received mission statement. Created under the leadership of Provost Ralph Kuncl and Associate Provost Kathleen Moore, the 10-word statement, “Learn, Discover, Heal, Create—and Make the World Ever Better” was revealed to the campus community and trustees in the days just before commencement, to the rousing approval of both groups.

“A mission statement is not a statement about the future but rather about what is enduring,” Kuncl says. “It encapsulates and articulates the purposes, characteristics, and values of an institution, the core purposes and the actions that derive from them. It should explain what drives us, and what it is we are trying to create.”

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