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February 20, 2013

A new chapter for the School of Nursing

 Kathy Rideout
Kathy Rideout

Kathy Rideout, the newly installed dean of the School of Nursing, will focus on leading the school in three key areas: student progression, collabora­tion, and research.

“Most of all, you can expect that we will be known for the way we, as nurses, care for and about each other,” she said during the Jan. 25 ceremony marking her investiture as the school’s fifth dean.

“With nearly 30 years of experience as a nurse practi­tioner, teacher, scholar, and leader of the school, Dean Rideout holds a deep apprecia­tion for the School of Nursing’s heritage and a respect for the legacy created by those before her,” said President Joel Selig­man. “To this rich past, she brings her unique personality full of fresh energy, ideas, and vitality to propel the school’s mission forward and ensure that it successfully meets the needs of our complex and rapidly changing health care system.”

Rideout, a pediatric nurse practioner, was named dean in August 2012 after a year of serving as interim dean of the school and serving as associate dean for academic affairs since 2005. She joined the School of Nursing faculty as a lecturer in 1986.

Rideout is one of only a few deans across the country that continues to see patients. She has been passionate about maintaining her part-time role caring for children with ostomies on the floors of Goli­sano Children’s Hospital, and her work there informs every aspect of her leadership.

“As a pediatric nurse practitioner, Kathy brings a patient- and family-centered focus and true collaborative vision to her role as dean,” said Bradford Berk, CEO of the Medical Center. “This focus will remain ever-important to aligning nursing education with the demands of our health care system and to educating the nurses of tomorrow so that they are capable of impacting systemwide change.”

Rideout will lead the school in developing innovative approaches to educate and pre­pare greater numbers of nurses for advanced roles in practice and research. Tactics include creating certificate and degree programs that address specific curricular demands of the nursing workforce, strengthen­ing approaches that support the progression of nursing students from undergraduate to doctoral programs, and cultivating new opportunities for interprofessional education. The school also plans to de­velop an academy that will sup­port faculty and staff in their efforts to integrate innovative approaches into teaching and develop a technology advisory group that will inform best uses of technology to improve the teaching and learning experience.

Rideout also is dedicated to fostering partnerships and collaborations that will enhance the school’s progress in education, research, and practice. The school will look to advance the goals of the Institute for Interprofessional Education and strengthen its collaboration with the Sovie Institute and the Center for Nursing Research. To address community needs and expand nursing opportunities, the school is in the process of ex­panding its school-based health centers and is partnering with the Medical Center to provide wellness services for University employees. The school will also continue its work to forge regional and national alliances to maximize its influence on health care policy.

In research, Rideout is focused on building nationally recognized research centers of excellence and on advanc­ing programs of innovative research that contribute to a body of knowledge essential to promoting health, prevent­ing disease, and managing symptoms across diverse populations. The school’s four emerging research areas of excellence include symptom identification, monitoring, and management; health promo­tion; health care delivery systems; and the management of chronic illness and palliative care.

Achieving the school’s research goals will depend on contributions from a commu­nity of diverse scholars, and the school plans to strengthen its mentorship programs and scientist recruitment strate­gies, align its organizational resources and facilities around its areas of excellence, and enhance support for grant proposal development, among other efforts.

“I have seen firsthand how Kathy’s leadership is mov­ing the school forward with innovative approaches to educate the next generation of nurse leaders,” says Roger Friedlander ’56, cochair of the School of Nursing National Council and member of the University’s Board of Trustees. “Her unwavering commitment to enhance the research mis­sion is evident in her vision to develop research areas of excellence to address the nation’s most pressing issues: symptom management, health promotion, health care delivery systems, and the management of chronic illness and palliative care.”

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Kathy Rideout (second from right) is pictured with Elizabeth McAnarney, left, Patricia Chiverton, Bradford Berk, Joel Seligman, and Roger Friedlander.

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