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WROC“The ultimate quest of this work is to create a safe form of fusion energy which would provide safe, secure, low-carbon footprint energy for mankind.”
—Robert McCrory, director of the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, in a report by WROC-TV. The laser lab would get $64 million, an increase of $1.25 million under a federal budget bill unveiled in January.

Slate“It frustrates me that people not in the majority demographic often need to be tough as nails to succeed in this field, constantly bearing the lasting effects of thousands of micro-inequities.”
—Philip Guo, assistant professor of computer science, in a guest essay on

Good Morning America"Noroviruses are very tough. They’re hard to eradicate. The virus can remain viable on surfaces for quite a long time.”
—John Treanor, chief of the Infectious Diseases Division at the School of Medicine and Dentistry in a Good Morning America piece about sick passengers aboard the Explorer of the Seas cruise ship.

RBJ“It’s an enormous advantage as an academic head in charge of faculty to have actually spent so much time as a faculty member. It’s very hard for someone not involved in research and teaching to understand the high demands faculty members face."
—Peter Lennie, University provost, senior vice president, and the Robert L. and Mary L. Sproull Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences & Engineering, in a profile in the Rochester Business Journal

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