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September 24, 2014

Making Headlines


“We have seen tremendous growth in the number of students taking courses in computer science, both computer science majors and majors in other disciplines. Much of this growth can be attributed to the rising interest in data science and big data.”

—Henry Kautz, chair of the Department of Computer Science, says in a article about the growing field of data science.

Huffington Post

“Whatever one’s views about these posthumous releases is, however, once we start debating these albums, we are also turning our focus back to the music, back to what made us really care about Michael Jackson in the first place. It will be Michael Jackson’s music that endures.”

—John Covach, director of the Institute for Popular Music, Mercer Brugler Distinguished Teaching Professor, chair of the College Department of Music, and professor of music theory at the Eastman School, writes in a piece that appeared in the Huffington Post.

New York Times“[I]t shows what kind of insights can be obtained by studying events in their natural, spontaneous context.”

—Harry Reis, professor of psychology, commenting on a study that used text messages to provide an ongoing glimpse into the actions and judgments of people over the course of their regular routines.

Time“If the brain is not functioning optimally, you’re dead evolutionarily, so there must be an advantage to exporting the garbage to a less critical organ like the liver to take care of it.”

—Maiken Nedergaard, codirector of the Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University, talking about her research that indicates certain brain cells help clear waste from the brain during sleep.

Wired“And when we took their cells they also make very long molecules of hyaluronan. So how come these species are not related at all, but they independently both evolved this unusual molecule?”

—Vera Gorbunova, professor of biology, talking about her research on the biological properties of naked mole rats, a species of rodent that has a long lifespan has not been observed to get cancer.

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