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December 03, 2014

PhD thesis defenses

The following PhD thesis defenses were scheduled recently:

Graham Marsh, biomedical engineering, “Microvilli and the Endothelial Glycocalyx,” Oct. 28. Advisor: Richard Waugh.

Cuicui Wang, pathology, “Investigating the Role of NOTCH Signaling in Fracture Repair,” Oct. 28. Advisor: Matthew Hilton.

Christine Walsh, clinical psychology, “How You and I Become We: Examining Partner, Family, and Friend Incorporation in Romantic Relationships,” Oct. 31. Advisor: Ronald Rogge.

Kuan-Ching (Chris) Tseng, chemical engineering, “The Potential Therapeutic Approaches to Improve Peripheral Nerve Functional Recovery from Injury,” Oct. 31. Advisor: John Elfar.

Echoe Bouta, biomedical engineering, “The Use of Treatments and Novel Methodologies to Elucidate the Role of Lymphatics in Arthritic Flare in Tumor Necrosis Factor Transgenic Mice with Inflammatory-Erosive Arthritis,” Nov. 6. Advisor: Edward Schwarz.

Jason Inzana, biomedical engineering, “Three-Dimensional Printing of Antibiotic-laden Calcium Phosphates for Treatment of Orthopaedic Implant-associated Bone Infections,” Nov. 7. Advisor: Hani Awad.

Michael Theisen, optics, “Polarimetric Properties of Optically Resonant Nanostructures,” Nov. 7. Advisor: Thomas Brown.

Revathi Balasubramanian, neurobiology and anatomy, “Requirement for LIM-Homeodomain Transcription Factor LHX9 in the Differentiation of Amacrine Cell Subtypes,” Nov. 7. Advisor: Lin Gan.

Shanshan Shi, pathology, “Deletion of Tak1 in Fibroblast-Specific 1 Positive Cells Reduces Tendon Adhesion Formation Via Reduced Myofibroblast Activation,” Nov. 11. Advisor: Regis James O’Keefe.

Anant Agrawal, biochemistry and biophysics, “Structural Basis of Splice Site Recognition by U2AF65 and its Relationship to Human Genetic Disease,” Nov. 19. Advisor: Clara Kielkopf.

Dhruba Jyoti Basu Roy, biochemistry and biophysics, “Exploiting the Self-assembly of Hydrogel Nanoparticles for Novel Applications in Biosensor Design and Cell Patterning,” Nov. 20. Advisor: Benjamin Miller.

Jeff Ludwig, history, “Christopher Lasch: A Life, Volume One: History as Social Criticism,” Nov. 24. Advisor: Robert Westbrook.

Henry Hung Li Chung, biomedical engineering, “Engineered Microevenironment for Quantitative Studies of Neutrophil Migration,” Dec. 2. Advisor: Richard Waugh.

Steven Jacob, chemistry, “1,6 Conjugate Addition Initiated Cyclization Reactions of Dienyl Diketones” and “Development of a Scalable, Divergent Synthetic Route to (-)-Rocaglamide,” Dec. 4. Advisor: Alison Frontier.

Yossof Exhaq, physics and astronomy, “Search for New Physics in All-hadronic Events with AlphaT in 8 TeV Data with CMS,” Dec. 5. Advisor: Aran Garcia-Bellido.

Sarilyn Rose Ivancic, mechanical engineering, “Numerical Evaluation of the Dynamic Response of Masonry Heritage Structures,” Dec. 10. Advisor: Renato Perucchio.

Karla Mercado, biomedical engineering, “Developing High-

Frequency Quantitative Ultrasound Techniques to Characterize Three-Dimensional Engineered Tissues,” Dec. 11. Advisor: Diane Dalecki.

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