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January 21, 2015

Achieve a healthier lifestyle, earn rewards with employee wellness programs

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YOURhealth wellness programs—available to eligible participants—provide tools, coaching, and support to help you stick to your goals in 2015.

Complete the following steps to gain a clear picture of your overall health and take advantage of programs to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals. You may also be eligible to receive up to $325 in financial rewards, based on eligibility.

YoURHealth graphicKnow your numbers

Get to “know the numbers” that add up to good health— cholesterol levels, blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, weight, body mass index, triglycerides, and waist circumference. Learn your numbers through a biometric screening. Screenings are offered at many times and locations at the River Campus, Medical Center, and offsite locations. You may also download a health screening form at if you prefer to obtain the lab values from your physician.

Visit to learn more or to make your appointment for a biometric screening. Note: It’s recommended that you fast for eight hours prior to your appointment.

Assess your health

Once you have completed a biometric screening, you can complete your confidential Personal Health Assessment (PHA) by answering a series of online health and lifestyle questions. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll be able to view your personal profile as well as heart health and lifestyle scores; receive improvement recommendations; access information about programs and eligibility; and track your progress with year-to-year results. Complete your PHA at

Get rewarded

Once you’ve completed your biometric screening and PHA, eligible participants can receive a $125 incentive. You may also take part in lifestyle management and condition management programs that aim to help you build your own “get healthier” plan tailored to your needs and schedule. Most importantly, you will receive support, resources, education, and coaching as you take an active role in your well-being. Eligible participants can receive a $100 incentive for completing a Lifestyle Management Program and/or a Condition Management Program. Your spouse/domestic partner may also be eligible to participate in wellness programs and receive up to $325 in financial rewards.

Lifestyle management programs are available to eligible participants who want to lose weight, reduce stress, manage blood pressure, build a physically active routine, maintain weight, lower cholesterol, stop smoking, or learn other basics for building a healthy lifestyle.

Condition management programs are available to eligible participants who have been diagnosed with the following conditions: asthma, congestive heart failure, COPD, high blood pressure, lower back pain, atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, or stroke.

Participants may also benefit from mental health services offered through Behavioral Health Partners (BHP) and support services from the University’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). BHP offers a range of therapies for individuals with mental health concerns such as anxiety, stress, and depression. The BHP clinical team provides psychotherapy as well as medication evaluations and medication management.

To schedule a lifestyle management or condition management appointment, or to learn more about BHP or EAP, visit the Wellness Services page at

Questions? Learn more about wellness programs and eligibility requirements at or call 275-6810.

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