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February 17, 2015

PhD thesis defenses

The following thesis defenses and public lectures were scheduled recently:

  • Yu-Shan Huang, biomedical genetics, “Primitive Erythroblasts in the Fetal Circulation Assemble a Functional Cytoskeletal Network Prior to Enucleation,” Jan. 19. Advisor: James Palis
  • Peter Carlsen, chemistry, “Synthesis of Tetrapetalone A-Me Aglycon,” Jan. 20. Advisor: Alison Frontier
  • Guangze Jin, biochemistry and biophysics, “Characterization of PIN-domain Toxin-antitoxins VapBC from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis,” Jan. 22. Advisor: J. Scott Butler
  • Michael Maniaci, social personality psychology, “For Better, For Worse: Discrepancies between Implicit and Explicit Evaluations in Newlywed Marriage,” Jan. 22. Advisor: Harry Reis
  • Yuexin Xu, microbiology and immunology, “Optogenetically Engineered Chemokine Receptors in T cell Migration and Cancer Immunotherapy,” Jan. 27. Advisor: Minsoo Kim.
  • Inna Vaisband, electrical engineering, “Power Delivery and Management in Nanoscale Ics,” Feb. 2. Advisor: Eby Friedman
  • • Dehua Zhou, chemical engineering, “In Search of High Energy Density Negative Electrode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries,” Feb. 4. Advisor: Jacob Jorne
  • Steven Ivancic, mechanical engineering, “Channeling Experiments on OMEGA EP,” Feb. 5. Advisor: David Meyerhofer
  • Dana Olzenak, epidemiology, “The Association between Motor Proficiency and Participation in School-aged Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder,” Feb. 11. Advisor: Edwin van Wijngaarden
  • Jordan Leidner, optics, “Spatial and Spectral Brightness Enhancement of High Power Semiconductor Lasers,”  Feb. 19. Advisor: John Marciante
  • Hui Wang, chemistry, “Studies Towards the Total Synthesis of (-)-Nakadomarin A,” 2 p.m., Feb. 19. Advisor: Robert Boeckman
  • Tuo Deng, economics, “Essays on Factor Demand Adjustment,” Feb. 24. Advisor: Yongsung Chang
  • Nathan Burggraff, music theory, “Music and Religion in a Postmodern Culture: Selected Analyses from Music by Glass and Reich,” March 27. Advisor: Elizabeth Marvin
  • Tyler Cassidy-Heacock, musicology, “The Sung Self of Syllables: Interpretive Paradigms for Contemporary Vocal Music,” March 31. CoAdvisors: Jonathan Dunsby and Holly Watkins
  • Joan Huguet, music theory, “Formal Functions and Voice-Leading Structures in Beethoven’s Early Sonata-Rondo Finales,” April 8. Advisor: William Marvin

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